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‘Why Fear the Future?’ and other poems

By: Pramod Rastogi

Why Fear the Future?

Not even a nanosecond to lose has Time,
It has been on its trot since the Big Bang.
The future continually recedes into the past
As Time moves into the mists of infinity.

The threads of rain look so silvery.
Their future is a splash and a pool of water.
Not entirely lost is the importance of this pool,
Helping to leaven the earth’s eco-footprint.

When a learned person looks at his past,
He sees his desire to amass insights.
The future beckons him to gain his expertise.
The synergy would uplift his visionary foresights.

A person looks behind and sees his ascendants.
He looks at the future and sees his descendants.
He has a legacy to carry and a heritage to leave.
The heritage blooms with flowers of selflessness.

A past of me is birth and a future of me is death,
Separated is the divide by worldly turmoil.
Births and deaths are but cycles of manifestations,
With divinity in wait, why be afraid of the future?



Never mind that I am a commoner,
Yet my heart is full of emotions
Which I dream to give a poetic turn.
The atrophied words are swirling.
How to adjust them, I ignore.

Never mind that I am a shy man,
Yet I own a handful of dreams.
One such is to marry a noble girl
In whose love I will dwell my whole life,
But how to meet that love, I ignore.

Never mind that I am a limping man,
Yet I dream to be a football star
And to score goals for my country.
Enthusiasm whirls in my mind.
How to score a single goal, I ignore.

Never mind that I am a commoner
Who lacks all but worldly foresight.
I have passion for life and for flying kites,
And prepare food using a pressure cooker.
Tenacity is the tool I use to kill my ignorance.



    The earth is our mother,
    We will not have another.
    There’s no better place to find
    For animals, plants, mankind.

    Green woods, beautiful lakes,
    Nature has got, what it takes.
    We have to keep clean the air,
    As environment everywere.

    Put an end to coal mining,
    Nuclear power and fracking.
    Climate concerns all nations,
    Just as plastic in the oceans.

    For good living day and night
    Must change darkness and light.
    Our planet, so wonderful blue,
    We will always protect, we do!

    Rainer Kirmse , Altenburg / Thuringia

    With kind regards from Germany

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