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‘Conscience v. Science’ and other poems

By: Nate Poko Tulay

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Conscience v. Science

This experience that we call life,
is a little too complex to end with death;
A cycle of forgotten rebirths,
we flow purposefully with time.

Toiling through our gifts and interests,
we endlessly strive from one life to the next.

To nurture and build, one may think
is the calling, but what really is a calling
in a world full with the endlessness of ideas—

Darling, this experience that we call life,
is a little too complex to end with death—


Does it Matter, A Time Lord as a Bum

I spent my days alone,
searching for truth,
thinking of immortality,
crafting words into poems,
and ideas into data and facts—

But now that truths have been found,
and death is just a portal to a new life,
I spend my days conflicted,
thinking about God and Sin,
Thinking about immoralities,
and why we exist, if chaos is indeed
a part of our fate.

Friends, I spend my days alone,
conflicted, thinking about wars and sin,
thinking about you and me, and where
we are headed now that conflicts are
also a part of our future.



You may have forgotten, forgotten about
the paradise, the paradise far far away,
and of the goddess who died, who died
from love and her passion to nurture
others, for it was a long, long time ago,
in a land too far away, that this goddess
and I fell in love, in love with an idea,
an idea known as tomorrow, an idea so
magical, so magical that it scarred us,
that it scarred my Afri-Rhea and me forever;
For although our love is still radiating,
and our hearts are now a day away, I am
still lost, still lost within her magic to walk
away, to walk away from our tomorrow.


Nate Poko Tuluy is an aspiring Liberian-American poet.

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