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By, Karen Lee Stradford

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It’s been a long day.
I can use a distraction.
My sister Lynn invited me to an
outdoor concert,
guaranteed to make me forget my troubles
and lose myself in the music.

With no questions asked, I prepare for the greatest show on earth.
I imagine the smell of fresh cut grass, covered with colorful blankets
and folding chairs, drenched by the sun.

People from all over the park gather around me,
as the band plays my favorite song.
In that moment, I dance to the steady beat of the drums
and the piercing strum of the electric guitars.

My body is transforming,
elevating at least 10 feet off the ground
as I feel the force of the sounds take me to another dimension.

No troubles in sight.
For that short moment in time,
my soul is well fed.

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