‘Rescue’ and other poems

By: Karen Lee Stradford

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com


Somehow, you knew I needed you.
You found me when I was lost.

My weakness was so obvious.
You refused to leave my side.

I depended on you to come around.
After all, cats are curious.
I know that I found a true friend.
A new home is what you found.


Thick Skin

Words can hurt.
At times cut
like a sharp knife,
more powerful than
physical force.

Verbal harm
can penetrate the mind,
an attempt to lower self-esteem
and question your worthiness.

Like an unplugged microphone,
I tune out what you’re saying.
Meanness has no platform here.

Each lesson
teaches me how to
navigate through life
and ignore negativity.
My skin is thick.

Categories: Poetry

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