Superficial Detachment

By: Deogratias Kagali

Forgotten Soul
Courtesy: https://images.fineartamerica.com/images/artworkimages/medium/1/forgotten-soul-jim-vance.jpg

I was chasing the clouds all along
My gaze fixed to the heavens
My feet treading blindly on earth

I invested my all to this quest
Unnoticing the world around me
Growing insensitive to the reality.

People to me seemed to be means
Objects to step on to reach the heights,
Of my desired, selfish fantasies.

With my head stuck in the clouds
By the ‘social’ never was I bothered
Incapable of bonding I became.

Immersed in the superficiality of life
My psyche shallowly developed
Typical naive, knowing no depths.

Then, the heat dispersed the clouds
Lo! Back to my senses I was brought
Looking around me, all was a hell of mess.

Thought I had it all, but a loser I were
Left alone, in a haunting loneliness
with my hard earned superficiality.

Categories: Poetry

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