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By: Frances Leitch

Sea Gift

Sea – giver of life
Sea that delights as waters splash
Sea that fills children’s hearts
with merriment
Sea that carries shells
for them to shore
Sea that sings a song
with the wind
Roars like a lioness
and cries not but
Always gives the heart
a bit of courage to see — SEA



Looking back
to the days of dawn
Over the miles and miles
and years by the sea
Memories of sea and sky
and youths bouncing along
traveling on
Feet tread by my side
friends leaving imprints
to be eaten up by the tides
The hours and days and years
spent in the eye of the sea
watching the waves crash lazily
No thoughts of tomorrow
sun rise or fall
As we strolled on past
the seas face
playful and lively
youth be
A memory



If I was a child again
And could cross
the deep blue sea
I’d mount a mighty ship
And glide like a swan
over life’s rough watered reality
For in my dreams
I am made of feathers
Wings spread wide
to take a ride
Easy as can be
In my dreams
I swim like a fish
and ne’er tire
nor sink
In my dreams
I ride through
the night


Light Wave

Like spring
Waves crashing
light upon the shore
The sea singing
of being
Road over the sands
Washed away
the imprints
of yesterday
An airy feeling
the sunlit day


Life Calling

When the waves
crawl up on the face
of the earth
And look over the long shore
of lifes calling
And the grains of sand
flutter neath
the onslaught of water
And the eyes
of lives passing
roll in and out
with the sea
As the gulls cry
and the roar
of the mighty sea
rises high
When the waves crash
upon the earth announcing
the sea coming
Life calling


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