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‘Mourning a dead lover’ and other poems

By: Taiwo Oluseye Odesanya

Mourning a dead lover

To love is to reply to a text- smiling like an idiot,
To be a comedian and a painter;
Cracking jokes and painting smiles,
To watch her from afar and
Whisper prayers under your breath,
Love is magical,
I wish you were here,
To stare at the heaven in your eyes,
To see your shy face blushing,
To play with your hair,
And bury me in your arms,
Nights like this,
I want to be with you,
Strolling your neck with kisses,
Hands massaging your waist,
I miss you,
I miss the taste of your lips,
I miss the scent of your body,
I love you, Katherine.


Time and Nothingness

If you chased riches all your life,
& never became the richest,
Abandoned the ones that loved you
For the things money can do for you,
Wrapped in wants, more, & shun gratitude,
When you die,
The earth will not miss you,
All your time was for yourself,
Seeking vanity and nothingness



Tonight, you’re thinking of Emily,
She’s your haven,
Unfortunately, her phone was stolen,
Your thoughts can’t reach her,
You are alone, as usual,
You remember where you’re coming from;
How stars fight themselves to find a room in the sky,
Here, to shine is warfare and we are warlocks,
You hear the voices in your head,
Faint like goodbyes, yet familiar like Deja Vu.
You remember her, how she folded your dreams into a cigar and lit it,
You felt light, but your heart was shattered,
You gave up,
You remember the name they called you,
The gossip that found its way to your table- the subtleness of betrayal,
Mayhaps it’s the rain,
The thunder strikes a chord in your memory,
You remember the day poverty buried your dreams for medical school,
You remember everything, everything that broke you…


Taiwo Oluseye Odesanya is a Nigerian poet, non-fiction writer, blogger, and history enthusiast. He is an Information Systems graduate from Middlesex University London with a deep passion for writing. He calls writing his first love and hopes to write something “groundbreaking about remarkable events from the past because of his undying love for history. Some of his works are published on Kalahari review, Lion and Lilac and elsewhere.

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