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By: Luís Amorim

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The car arrives and after parking, there is only one way out, not an alternative one to escape from the woman on the talk task with some unknown man. The desire for a safe escape is because she might do what is usual in a situation like this. By strange coincidence, that’s what really happens, when she looks with bullying in her eyes, not even caring for the man, next on the talking meet, while she listens not, and no more, because only eyes, she has for the newcomer, exiting the park with his head avoiding her in the hidden turn right-face, only for the bullying female or perhaps, the horn woman. He just wants privacy and starts to walk faster, escaping the area for good, he thinks. But that’s not like he expects. The horn woman goes after just to look at him, wanting in return the same behaviour. Maybe it’s like this, the supposition taking the scene when he runs in some desperate way, earning some advantage but not for too much time. She recovers from her obsession and in the satisfying way that ends at the police local headquarter. The officer on duty just asks if she does that desperate chase because of bullying or by a strange horny obsession.

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