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By: Tom Ball

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Friedrich Nietzsche’s clone, who is a well-known philosopher, in his own right. The actor has a very large mustache like the original. A middle-aged man.

Marilyn Monroe’s clone, a famous actress. She is a beautiful woman who dyes her hair blonde. And wears a magic bra. She is 30 years old.

Their faces are altered but they know who they are, thinking they are the same as the original.

They live in a dome on the equator where the gravity is 1.0 Earth’s gravity.

Setting: Mars, A.D. 2100, evening on a Martian Summer’s day. Year 1 of the Martian colony.


It is a party featuring all 94 of the surviving 100 adults. People are dressed in the traditional red togas of Mars with a picture of the planet on their chests. They drink drug cocktails and pop sex enhancer pills and many couples and groups are intimate at the party. The red landscape of Mars with some green neo-cacti is in the background. They are in the main room at the top of the dome.

F.N. “You look a lot like Marilyn Monroe.”

M.M. “I am her clone. You look a lot like the philosopher, Nietzsche.”

F.N. “I am and YOU could be the first Martian sex symbol. Why not?”

M.M. “All I care about is love. I don’t care for money or fame.”

F.N. “Yes you do, you are not a famous actress for nothing!”

M.M. “What kind of man are you?”

F.N. “I am a modern-day philosopher, and I think superhumans are about to take over space, and they will be programmable machines.”

M.M. “It doesn’t sound like love to me.  I am hoping for a loving World, with Christ-like characters in it.”

F.N. “The superhumans will likely be kind, but weak in some ways.”

M.M. “I am looking for a strong man who knows what he wants.”

F.N. “I say that most strong men are insane and overcome by greed and ambition. I came to Mars to get away from that greed. But strong people will rule the future.”

M.M. “But you seem ambitious. Are you also romantic?”

F.N. “I think modern day women are a lot of trouble. They are all so crazy. It is truly a World of madness.”

M.M. “It seems so. But is there a cure for madness?”

F.N. “Madness can be good or evil.”

M.M. “Surely we are beyond simply good and evil…”

F.N. “I think scientists are developing new technologies regardless of whether the technology can be used for good or ill.”

M.M. “I want most of all a lover that understands me well.  Not as if I was a piece of technology, a love doll as it were. And I worry history will depict me as a bimbo.”

F.N. “Kiss me! You have the look that I desire.”

So, they kiss…

They move to a booth in the main common room. The robots in the background coo and make subtle noises.

F.N. “Love me now.”

M.M. “Not so fast big boy. I am not a slut. You need to prove your love to me!”

F.N. “I don’t believe in sexual love! Just sex as a fun thing to do.”

They drink deeply into the night (the camera pulls away gradually).

They part ways each retiring to their separate chambers.


The next day the couple are in the exercise room with many pieces of alien looking equipment, working out.

M.M. “I am waiting for them to come up with an exercise pill.

F.N. “You are a sorcerer, a magic love. And I am under your spell.”

M.M. “Will you let me hypnotise you?”

F.N. “I fear being programmed with hypnosis. A girl from my youth hypnotised me to love her and finally I was able to break away. I didn’t really like her.”

M.M. “Maybe you think I am an evil witch? Or worse an evil slut?”

F.N. “All women are like the sirens sweetly singing. Many a man has been ruined by sex. And these days everyone is going mad in love using MRT (Mind Reading Technology). Getting inside your lover’s head didn’t turn out the way the authorities intended. It is all madness.”

M.M. “But I can roll with any man and play any role in a script, I have acting talent, and I am already a superstar. I have nothing to hide. I don’t worry about MRT; in fact, I think it is a good thing.”

F.N. “You are MY superstar.”

And they kiss passionately. But no one is around…

M.M. “I love your passionate kisses…”

The camera fades out


The couple go for a Martian car ride into the wilderness. The car is pressurized. They drive past new Martian plants and bizarre animals.

M.M. “These days, girlfriends are out of fashion, replaced by love dolls. And there are many lonely women out there!  So, what do you think about love dolls?”

F.N. “I’ve sampled them in depth. But they are just sex creatures and don’t have a lot to say. But I hear the new series is great.”

M.M. “I am glad to hear you say so. I was worried love dolls would replace human women.”

F.N. “Men are shallow, but they still like real women, who are cleverer than love dolls.”

M.M. “But the next grade of love dolls will be cleverer; what then?”

F.N. “Then we would live in a totally insane world. Machine takeover is not for the best at all.”

M.M. “I think you would love a love doll more than me.”

They pause the conversation to consider their own thoughts about love dolls.

F.N. (thinking to himself): If love dolls replace women, they will also replace men. And we will all be “fucked.”

M.M. (thinking to herself): I feel I am more attractive and better in bed than a machine today, but what of the future?

They drink deeply of wine and daydream about one another. Their thoughts pause and they are lost in reverie…

M.M. “I fear you take me for granted. I want you as a friend not a lover.

F.N. “Ridiculous. I am proposing to you, unparalleled sexual satisfaction.


Marilyn is wearing a dress made up of gold chain and heavy make-up, Fred is wearing a toga and a death’s head mask. Martian fantasy art is in the background featuring aliens, who are humanoid in F.N.’s room.

F.N. “I think you are like a fine wine, made perfect with age.”

M.M. “I am searching for the best love drug I have ever had.”

F.N. “Let’s partake of the best drugs available. By the way what do you think about this Martian colony?”

M.M. “I was thinking it was boring until I met you.”

F.N. “Many of the best adventurers are here, I think.”

M.M. “I am an adventure girl, but I am not a slut, I’m just open-minded.”

F.N. “Most of the adventurers here, are cerebral, rather than sexual.”

M.M. “I figure I am not cerebral, but a sexual genius.”

F.N.  “What do you think history will say about us?”

M.M. “In the future they will be your superhumans and probably won’t care about us and how we struggled and what we achieved. I believe that sexual love is hard to achieve anymore.”

F.N. “Yes some people claim to be in love, but they break up after only a few days. ‘The Death of Love’ will be my next philosophical book.”’

M.M. “The love dolls have ruined love for everybody. Let’s ban them from Mars!”

F.N. “But I want to try out the latest love doll series and see how good they are!”

M.M. “If you do, I am breaking up with you!”

F.N. “OK you win.”

M.M. “I don’t trust you. I am sure if I turned my back you would, indulge in love dolls.

F.N. “But you know I like you. But don’t keep me waiting too long.”


While M.M. is sleeping that night, F.N. has a rendez-vous with a particularly good- looking love doll. They have sex and he gets his kicks as “she” keeps changing her body and face. It was the latest batch of love dolls who were multi-sexual. But there is no conversation, just sex.

F.N. takes a lot more sex enhancers, just in case when he leaves the love doll.


And sure enough M.M. calls on him the following morning and says, “Let’s make love.”

M.M. “Love me like it was your last day on Earth.”

F.N. “You are so demanding.”

M.M. “I want all the love you can give me. Superhuman love…”

So, he loves her again and again and minutes turn to hours and finally they have been loving each other for a whole day with short breaks in between.

All he could remember was a blur and they were on orgasmic drugs that enhanced their orgasms. It was pure pleasure, an ecstatic dream.

F.N. “I have seldom loved a woman for a whole day. But after knowing you carnally, I am disappointed. I think love dolls are better than you. Human love is as I suspected, a thing of the past.”

Finally, they crash and sleep.

They awake and F.N. says, “I am leaving you.”

M.M. “But I think I might be in love with you!”

F.N. “Nonsense…” And he leaves…


But the next night, M.M. is again knocking on his door. She is visibly drunk.

Marilyn is wearing clothes of light that show her naked body. Nietzsche is dressed in a purple robe, with a conical wizard’s cap. The two moons of Mars are visible in nighttime background in this observatory.

Marilyn is frustrated that Fred is not in love with her.

M.M.  “We were meant for each other, weren’t we?

F.N. “You are just another sexy girl. But your mind is not up to par.”

M.M. “Give me another chance.”

F.N. “What then do you want to say to me?”

M.M. “I think work is now unnecessary. Why do it? Why not enjoy the pleasures of this World instead. We are all party animals deep down. Yes, most of my lovers were party animals. I guess that’s how the future will go. Orgies and multisexuals and so on.”

F.N. “Don’t you think it is a freak show, these multisexuals?” But I respect multisexuals for daring to be different. All sex is good.”

M.M. “I think we live in a dystopia. In which everyone gets their kicks. As a famous actress, I have played a number of different negative characters. I think humanity is lost.”

F.N. “We may be lost just like you say. But technology will triumph over all and the future will be sublime. Everyone wants Utopia.”

M.M. “But don’t forget that many politicians are ruthless and even evil, and they are the ones who will decide the future. I know I have loved some of them.”

F.N. “Is there anyone you won’t sleep with?”

M.M. “The way I see it, the politicians will decide who gets into who’s head with MRT (Mind Reading Technology). The politicians will be ruthless and clever.”

M.M. “Of course you and I have come all the way to Mars. Do you think we could survive a voyage to the Centauri system?”

F.N. “It would be cabin fever for certain. But it would be no different than Mars which only has 100 people. And our life expectancy now is at least 200 with eternal youth. We could live forever in space and make great plays and movies together. Eternal youth makes long space voyages possible. And MRT makes getting to know one another much better.”

M.M. “Love me again.”

F.N. “You seem to be the only sex in town for free.”

M.M. “But I am not a slut to you, right?

So, they love one another again. This time in the sidewinder and other positions.

F.N.  (To himself: these sex enhancers are the best).

M.M. (To herself, she thinks she is just a sex object to Fred)


Marilyn is again dressed in clothes of light again, which show her naked body. Fred is wearing a beret and a yellow robe… They are in a sunroom…

sunning themselves under a mini sun.

They are eating roast Martian rabbit from the farms. And drinking champagne.

F.N. “Wow there’s nothing like real Martian food.”

M.M. “I feel we have all lived a charmed life. We are so lucky to be able to live so long and so well and come to Space. All the people here on Mars are not very interesting to me being mostly scientists, but there were two directors who wanted to make movies with me.”

F.N. “I think your films are wonderful. You are a true sex symbol.”

M.M. “But I am trying to convince the directors to let me play intellectual roles that run deep.”

F.N. “You have only become even more famous being here on Mars and many want to come here because of you. I guess traveling in Space can only make one stronger and smarter and more resourceful.”

M.M. “I feel like the universe is my oyster.”

F.N. “You do seem a lot like Marilyn Monroe!”

M.M. “How flattering! I think Monroe was the sexiest woman to have ever lived. And other people have told me also that I naturally, bear a resemblance in my acting to her. But of course, I don’t look much like her. I wish I did.”

F.N. “Maybe I can write a play about Marilyn Monroe and Fredrich Nietzsche. Meeting together. Only, a love doll gets in the way of our love.”

M.M. “Have you been cheating on me, right beneath my nose? Love dolls are insane creatures.”

F.N. “If you could meet the original Nietzsche, as I am, what would you say to me?”

M.M. “I would say the superhumans have arrived. And what kind of people does he want them to be? And will he alter his own mind to be a superman? And what do you think you are doing?”

F.N. “I think with all sex diseases now cured, there’s nothing to hold people back from free sex and wonder drugs.

M.M. “I hope that my free love movies will inspire the people.”

F.N. “Yes, I like your movies. You turn me on in them.”

M.M. “Love me again.”

So, he loves her doggie style and they both come several times. Then a much-needed rest.


Marilyn is wearing a space suit, as is Fred. They are outside the dome.

F.N. “I’ve been having great sex here on Mars. I’ve loved all 50 women who are here. But just last week the first android love dolls appeared in a shuttle with 20 android dolls on Mars. People who know say that they are the best sex and can find your erogenous zones, and also have a brilliant intellect. I haven’t tried them yet, but I think they must play a role in the future of sex.”

M.M. “I worry men will abandon human females and opt instead for android lovers who are designed to please.”

F.N. “But android lovers might also take the place of human men. Maybe the superhumans will be machines who can be programmed by the top machines.”

M.M. “Sounds scary. Will machines know love or just sex?

F.N. “I think love dolls so far only care about sex. I guess we have to think about breaking up now?”

M.M. “Maybe not. Maybe we can take on other lovers but still be a hot number. I’m a nymphomaniac, I admit. But I am not a slut!”

F.N. “I have to admit I want to try out some more love dolls.”

M.M. “I admit I am among the best of human women, but I am sure we will need brain apps to enhance our intellect.”

F.N. “I say you are an acting genius. I doubt love dolls will be as skilled as you.”

M.M. “I think I am a survivor.  Many on Earth have committed suicide over the last decade or died accidentally from overdoses. Including some of my friends. Apparently, they were sick of life, after some living into their hundreds. Some say I am a moron, but they are just jealous, I think.

F.N. “I think eternal youth will rejuvenate the human race.”

M.M.  “I am 55 but I look like I’m 18. It’s perfect.  Let’s make love in space suits in the open Martian atmosphere!”

So, they do so. And crash into a few priceless Martian cacti.

F.N. “There’s something to be said for low gravity love.”

M.M. “Yes I feel as light as an angel.”

F.N. “Of course these sex suits were designed by a clone of Ralph Lauren. Good work, Ralph.”

M.M. “Love makes the World go ‘round. How about an orgy?”

So, they assembled 5 males and 5 females together and they had an orgy outside the dome.

They were all on pleasure drugs and sex enhancers and the orgy went on for many hours.


They are at the spaceport. It is a few discs mixed with spirals.

News anchor: “The new settler ship touches down.”

Marilyn is wearing a miniskirt and Fred is wearing a space officer’s uniform. “All the Martian People are waiting for the ship.

News anchor: “The settlers included a number of directors, artists, playwrights/writers, actors and actresses and of course lots of scientists.  And a number of CEOs who specialized in products from Mars, such as plays and movies, new scents, new types of androids, metals, fantastic personalities and patented Martian food recipes and so on.”

News anchor: “When the new settlers arrived, they were 200 in number, in addition to the pioneering 100. But of the pioneering first settlers, six had killed themselves out of the original 100, and there were 25 babies.”

F.N. “We have new companions. But I still am willing to love you. You truly never give up.”

M.M. “I like to think I have inspired great people to come to Mars.”

F.N. “Space is the frontier of our times. Just like the gold rush, pioneers rush to come to Mars. But it is not for everyone even though we have all the conveniences of Earth.”

M.M. “We are truly living in the lap of luxury. But I would like to try Virtual Reality.”

F.N. “I say Virtual Reality should not be the future. We want to live in reality. And not an artificial construct. Real sex is better than VR sex. In VR most of the characters are unreal holograms.”

M.M. “But I kind of like the idea of adventuring in a World of pure imagination and sex.”

And they greet the newcomers with a Martian handshake.


They move on to the dome’s basement which is for S&M.  M.M. grabs a whip and puts on some kinky lingerie.

So, they do it again… In every sex position possible. M.M. cracks the whip.

F.N. “De Sade really knew what he was doing. Sex is pain and pleasure.”


 Marilyn is wearing platinum jewellery and a blue robe. Fred is wearing a general’s uniform. They are in the cloning chamber looking at their new clones growing.

M.M. “Sex with you is always different. You are a changeling.”

F.N. “Actually, I’m just glad you are here for me. Without you it would be difficult to survive.”

M.M. “Now you are just kissing my ass. You surprize me being a tough guy and all…”

F.N. “No, I think I’m in love with your sex techniques!”

M.M. “You said on your Online resume that you didn’t believe in love. Now have you changed your mind?”

F.N. “No, not at all.”

M.M. “If you are truly my slave, then I get to get on top in all our sex acts.  I presume you will do my bidding as I am your master.”

F.N. “I am in control here.”

M.M. “What do you think about superhuman love?”

F.N. “I think our love is superhuman sex, and with MRT (Mind Reading Technology) is even better.”

M.M. “As I said, I feel I have known you for a long time.”

So, they do it again. And it was sublime, MRT sex. They both dream about one another’s bodies and faces and are filled with thoughts of pleasure and goodwill and heat.

F.N. “Sex with you is imperfect, but I guess it will have to do. Mars is a small community.”

SCENE THIRTEEN, Two years later (2102 A.D.)

Fred and Marilyn have now had 10 clones each. And each clone has been born after 1 year of growth, in an adult’s body. And the couple arm them all with lasers in their first year. And instruct them to seize the legislature. They quickly size power and decree, “That now everyone has to be their sex slave.” Many people who they disliked were now their slaves.

Many were disgruntled and a few asked Earth for help, but the couple ordered these people to be eliminated. New weapons systems are deployed in case of an attack from Earth. Mostly missiles. Martian scientists are praised by the couple.

Love dolls were all lined up and destroyed by lasers.

Fred and Marilyn are the King and Queen of Mars. And the bards of Earth sang about them. And many on Earth wanted to be their sex slaves and were given visas to come to Mars.

F.N. “Life is just a human orgy, no love dolls, here on Mars.

M.M. “It is the future of space: sex. There is no sexual love.”

F.N. “Well you can love yourself and you can love people out of charity. But even charity is a selfish act.

They dine upon real Martian deer and have a party to celebrate their take over. Everyone is forced to be happy… or die.

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