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By: Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein

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Oh my love
With your love free my body and soul
From Fetters.
In your festival lights of love
Of this universe,
I am a mere earthen lamp.
Oh love,
Add to it in the flame.
The sparkling eternal flame of you will
Bring the spring wind.
Will blow the mind .
Will capture the lyrics of the mind,
With all it’s tunes and melodies
In all nature
Through forest and meadows.
Some way oh my Beloved
Breath my spirit
Into the depth of my inner soul.
Fill up to the deepest core
Of my heart.
With your hands.
Touch and enlighten my lifeless soul.


Song of the Invisible

With Chirping songs
The bird is blessed by you.
The singing is all it does
And gifts us with merriment .
You have made the winds free.
How easy it to serve you.
You have burdened me
With all kinds of loads
I steer through with them upon.
A road,
A times straight
At times crooked,
Still I go on
Feeling your presence.
Beloved your burden
Is thy gift.
I go on and on
Without abandoning your gift.
Feeling your presence,
Wherever I go.
I chant your names
In godly hours.
I replicate your image
Again and again,
Within nature.
Break your silence .
My mute God .
Answer to my calls ,
With your tune,
Bring life to the lifeless.
Let me listen to your voice,
And sing thy name,
Without doubt.
Let me celebrate you, oh invisible
With songs of my heart,
Composing poems.
Fill my heart with your songs,
Bring the tune in life,
Let the imagination float endlessly,
Let your songs fill the tongue
With sweet words.
Let the cheek blush
When I sing your songs.
Let the eyes lighten ,
Let the life filled with smiles
Let all the darkness wash away
And fill the heart with divine thoughts,
With your voice and songs .
Let your music be my only song.
Oh my invisible God!


I sing Thy song

I know not how,
Oh my love
Thou sing Thy Song
In silent amazement you sing
And I listen
And you sing and sing.
The glow of Thy music,my love
Illumines my universe.
My world, the world of mine
Where resides my mind.
The eternal waves of Thy tune
Traverses the sky,
Splits the stones,
And rushes restly towards
Thy Divine stream of melody.
My heart longs to sing the same tune.
But I failed to capture it in my chord.
Earthly business engulfs me.
I pretend to play the part in the drama called life.
I concede till I find a way.
Baffled my heart bleeds,
In what a trap?
So,I weave the endless meshes
Of Thy love’s melody
All around me.

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