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By: Alexey Tarasov

The dawn is stuck in baked milk.
The patch of window is trembling slightly.
A mosquito is motionless on the ceiling
With a seed of pomegranate in its belly.

This is the way the new yesterday comes
And crawls coldly under the blanket.
September adopts thehabits of a mosquito,
It has its sharp snout too.

It’s careful. And all day long
it shows off its ostentatious virtue
while the thermometer,
the only witness, is testifying truthfully.

Dejected water melons
Look out of the rows of crates,
And water carries dry cargo ships
of umbrellas and hoods along the narrow streets.

And slowly float, float, float,
Turned upside down, keels of benches,
And you and I are stuck in this September,
with our eyes closed, for good and all.


Translated by Sergey Gerasimov from Russian


 Alexey  Tarasov is an author from Russia. His most recent poems have appeared in “Lothlorien Poetry Journal”.

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