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‘Wedding Ring’ and other poems

By: Priya Chouhan


Curtains drawn, choking back the tears,
loved him more than the love, my lips whitened.

Curled myself into his arms, the scent of a beautiful bond fading,
lying on the floor, with a heavy ring resting on my finger.

Bed covered with dust, windows shut forever,
wagon of my life collapsed, clothes still drenched in his love.

Years passed, the burps of the void paralyzed the tint of red,
writhing in agony, the white dress stained.

The platinum is weeping hard, eyes loosing all the colors,
harder to live by, his smile is counting my breaths.

“Married” said my grave, roses of all shades,
the wedding ring reflecting his face.

Curled myself …………………………on my finger!



I see you, a strong sense of an unseen presence,
majestic beauty, lips instantly sealed.

A twinkle in your eyes, revealed a dreamy silence,
I froze as the raindrop rolled down my cheek.

Every part of me smiling imperfectly,
waves of wind-driven rain, shimmer dust on my skin.

Pain evaporating, the ocean ran out of aqua blue,
the red sand pouring color to my heart.

The sound of breath echoing around,
no visible soul, deep are the shallow waters.

Sank into you, dozed off peacefully,
closeness between, rain all over me.

A twinkle ……………………my cheek!



Mountains of sand, garden of thorns,
trees lacking a pretty blend of florals, they mourned the loss of chirpy me.

A river of tears, the dying red rose,
a face once embedded with gold, darkness overshadowed.

Desensitized to the fear of losing me, the birds gone away of all flesh,
drops of blood couldn’t hide from the barren land.

Howled in torment, the green lustre washed out,
didn’t say a word, my touch ravaged the forest.

Falsity, the color of everything my lips touched,
water of sadness robbed my beauty.

Rotten apple orchards, place similar to a crematory,
sick from inhaling the volcanic fumes.

A river………………… overshadowed!



Argent eyes, aurous rain kissed the skin,
a glued smile, the vicious flesh changed me.

Black heart sucked the blood out of me,
sat by the storm, a music I often listen to.

Scarlet berries of poison, blue veins anemic,
a pallid ray of love infuriated the silence.

Dried throat, the venom shattered the hand-held mirror,
the shimmer of sweetness refused to quench my thirst.

Shadow of smoke sewing the torn spirit,
his touch burned a beautiful moon.

Standing still, no wind could be felt,
thunder growled an ominous arrival.

Argent eyes …………………changed me!


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