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By: Tom Ball


     Our people here appeared as crystal see through people. And we lived on pure energy which we got from the sun. We were not humans, but rather a different race altogether. However, most of us thought we had evolved from humans. But we also thought we were superior. We lived to create beautiful crystalline objects like air cars and houses and moving art. Some of us thought we lived in an Utopia. But I felt it was a loveless, cold World.  The people, it was true, were all about creating beauty. But they didn’t believe in love, just “geometric sex.”

     Our sex acts were mind sex. Everyone was the same sex with our people, different than humans who had two sexes, we knew. But we hadn’t any records of human history and so our ancestry was lost in the past. And friendship was an ancient forgotten custom. Everyone tried to treat others as egalitarians.

     Us crystalline people were all over Space now and basically avoided human settlements. Humans we felt were war-like and destructive and even ugly. But humans were probably our creators centuries ago. However, we worshipped the first crystalline person, and this persona claimed to be happy. We created crystalline art for it and poetry.

     I wrote an old-fashioned thing, a deep novel. It was about a World of torture and pain. But crystalline people could not feel pain. I said in the novel that pain is a good emotion which causes one to make changes in one’s life. People of crystal were too apathetic and boring, they were all so calm and cool, I wrote. Those that read my novel said, you are talking about a Dystopia, not Utopia like we have today. No one liked the book, and many said, novels serve no purpose and are antiquated. We are a race of dreamers they said with real dreams not false ones like my novel. And they would sleep 8 hours every night and have intense dreams from the Mind Reading Technology dream stimuli sent by the government. And their dreams would be recorded, also using MRT. Apparently, we didn’t believe in daydreams, and were busy with our work and art. Most of them made music and their heads were high-powered crystal radios. The music was mellow keyboard sounds. And they had music on in the background all day and night. Most lived alone and most of them had jobs designing crystalline art, architecture, making pop movies, building air cars and music to try and please one another. We all had at least a passable skill in designing crystal works. Their World was full of art, everywhere you went. It was pleasing to just take a stroll or ride in an air car in any direction, for certain. The atmosphere of our planet was thin, but they did not breathe air.

     And the leaders had crystal balls in which they would use MRT to put different people together and see what they would say to one another. Most of the dialog was about sex and art. Sex for them was mind blowing, I could certainly attest to that.


     And recently a human man and woman had come here to Crystal Planet and wanted to make art like we did. Our leaders turned them into Crystal people, and we all had to admit these former humans had a different perspective. They designed clever-looking crystal faces and asked who wanted to wear such a face. We were all impressed, but the faces certainly weren’t in our tradition. However, I tried one of the faces and copied parts of their brains onto mine. After that I was shunned even more by my own people. And I wrote more books. For example, I wrote about love and greed and selfishness and egotism. My comrades were shocked and outraged by such “nasty atavistic” works. I told them “That they figured they were good and imaginative and didn’t have any bad instincts but to me they were amoral. Just like Earth animals.” They told me I was no better than an animal. And I told them all, “That part of my brain was human now and I was a different species and so should not have to obey the unwritten laws of the Crystal people.” The unwritten laws were to spend most of your time designing art for the benefit of all and spend a lot of time looking at the art of others and listening to their music and thereby gain inspiration.

     Some of our number, were considered geniuses and made the most imaginative art types. There were a few musicians and sculptors who I really liked. And I wanted to be friends with them. But they took my friends concept as atavistic and pointless and said such a friendship would corrupt the purity of their art. Art to them was individualistic, which part of me said was noble.

     And with my new part-human brain, in which I still looked like a Crystal persona; I told the Crystal people, that, “They weren’t perfect like they all thought.” I tried to shock them out of their habits, but no one listened to me.

     Another book I wrote was called “The Genesis of Love Art.” It was about how true love could inspire the people in ways that they hadn’t considered.  And there was one woman, Alexis IV who said to me, “I am curious about this love concept of yours.” So, I had mind sex with her and told her, “One day the Crystal people will probably outlaw sex.” She said, “I live for sex and really enjoy sex with you. I want more.” But she added, “Is really liking someone equal to true love?” I said, “You are beginning to get it. True love is an all-consuming passion, I think. And I think I love you!”

       And Alexis and I wrote a book together entitled, “Broken Crystal,” which was about two Crystal men fighting one another in a duel over a girl they liked very much. They were willing to die for love. The people thought it was the craziest thing they’d ever heard, and some made crazy music and art as a result, thinking they were truly inspired. Their take was love was madness, and madness was surely the future of the Crystal people. And some obscure of our number who had made mad music, architecture etc. were now in the limelight and out of obscurity.

     The original, first Crystal person, opined, “Insanity was the anathema of our proud civilization. And those who insisted on madness must be deported elsewhere to human lands.” But I told this person, “Humans would probably look down on Crystalline people and consider them to be lacking in elan and love. We’d probably be enslaved as inferiors.” This statement of mine caused many of our people to reconsider humans as perhaps a kind of equal race to the Crystal people. And I told the people, “Madness is the true essence of our existence on Crystal Planet. Those that deny it are just lying to themselves.”

     And more and more Crystal people were agreeing with my point of view. And the original Crystal persona committed suicide. And this stirred things up even more. Many of us had considered her words to be sacred and imaginative. And our leadership of five women admitted perhaps they’d been mistaken all along and perhaps we should try and trade art and ideas with humans. And they nominated me to lead a delegation to where the two humans who visited were from. We still retained the ability to travel much faster than light as a hangover from our ancient days, or so we thought. So, we went there first.


     In this colony, the first human colony we visited, welcomed us as one of many branches of the genus homo. And we found their city to be sparkling and beautiful with good music and art and even movies everywhere. I told them I wanted to write manuscripts for movies about the Crystal people.

     Us Crystal humans could not breed with humans. Crystal people would not breed by sex, but rather breed in the laboratory growing from a microscopic crystal fetus to an adult in just one week. The newborns then studied intensively for 20 years, and some studied even more. We had Online classes for everyone, and many kept studying part time their whole life. The curriculum featured art, architecture, music, poetry, business, math, MRT, hypnosis, psychology and the life of the first Crystal person and how she had created our civilization and the subsequent history of the people was also studied. A notable thing that was not studied was literature which as I mentioned above, and they didn’t study much science. They figured science had reached its pinnacle with eternal life, MRT, air car technology, with the ability to go to deep Space, good health for all, and so on.

     So, in this beautiful city, with spikes coming up from the dome (it was the nearest settlement according to our astronomers), it was Planet Porcupine. And the first humans we met, spoke English and said, we were just another offspring of homo sapiens, and they had numerous such offspring. But they wanted to know all about us. And we gave them some of our best crystalline art. They asked why everything had to be crystal? We told them we were a pure version of humans. And they asked why we didn’t have true love? I told them, “Our emissaries believed in true love but no one else did back on our home Planet.” And we said we were hoping to gain inspiration from these people. They said true humans everywhere mostly lived in a loving society although some were purely Dystopias, and such people were mostly unhappy.  And in deep Space there were more and more Dystopias. We said, our crystalline World was an Utopia and most people were quite content. And I showed them my books, and they were pleased to have such insight into our culture. They said we were a beautiful people. And they proposed an exchange of embassies and said we could learn a lot from one another.

     And we told them we had 20 million people, and we all wanted to sell our World’s crystal art, architecture music and poetry to the people here, in exchange for their art and even their literature/movies. I told them to, ”Send some writers/ directors/ stars to Crystal Planet.”

     And many of these humans wanted to have sex with us, but sex for us was purely cerebral. Two bodies touched and kissed and used MRT and we got immense pleasure from it. For us it was natural. But anyway, many humans tried it and most said it was amazing, but they wanted to take drugs with it and told us there should be two sexes, males and females. Opposites attract they said.

     So, us crystal people emissaries grew human sex organs and get that kind of sexual pleasure and found it to be super. And they already used MRT during sex.

     And they shared human history with us, and we discovered that our Crystal people were quite advanced relatively speaking. Many human colonies were debauched and crazy and more and more were ruled by tyrants.

     And we discovered that the first Crystal human was created by a brilliant Supercomputer and not by a human like we thought. This same Supercomputer created multi-sexuals who were generally considered freaks, and clever sea creatures… But it had long since been retired and humans said there was enough variety already and we figured they didn’t need more species of human. But still over time many types of android peoples were created and hologram peoples too. Some of these other creatures lived amongst humans, others lived amongst themselves in deep Space. And we met some of the androids and wanted to have sex with them, too. And they had sex organs like humans, but the sex was slightly different with more emphasis on MRT (Mind Reading Technology) dreams which one shared with one another while making love. Humans called it dream love. And we wanted to love the holograms, too. Holograms had purely cerebral love like us Crystal people. But there was no kissing or touching. One simply told your love interest that you wanted love.

     And I was amazed by how most humans here did no art except traded and shared night dreams. There were many experts here on the subconscious minds. But they assured me there were many Bohemian colonies of humans out there and showed us some of the works of literature they had made in these Bohemias. One of the works popular here was “Red Rhapsody,” which was about a Bohemia of totally open minds in which people shared everything. And they were all some kind of artists. They said, greed and selfishness were not the same as ambition and desire. The book was about a grand party that went on for 3 weeks and the people partied as if each day was their last and many overdosed and died in the frantic partying. I said, “To lose your life accidently was an anathema.” The people here said, to die happy was the best way to go. Many people live on and on for no reason, they said. And these people had a party too, this one in our honor. But we could not eat or drink, so we just had lots of sex with the people here.

     And I was talking with a drunken psychologist at the party. She opined that, “I was trying to get people to perform at their very best with new drugs. And we were very slowly improving the minds of the people here.” She added, “Everyone here now is very clever and we appreciate meeting a new species of humans. We all think you people look very attractive and like your open minds.” I replied, “Most people on our Planet, are not so open-minded as we emissaries.” She responded, “Then you emissaries should go back and rule your Planet.” I said, “It is not so simple. In fact, I think that the people of our colony were glad to get rid of me. And I am determined to visit other types of humans that exist, but your people don’t know about.” She said, “I’ve heard rumors that other such people exist, like as cyborgs and as naked brains doing MRT with one another. But who knows what is out there. Some are even thought to have left the Milky Way for other galaxies.”

      And she said, “My favorite Bohemia is a World in which everyone is very serious about being happy. And happiness for them is to write the perfect story. The story they write that I like best is called, “Perfection 360 degrees,” which is about people who are bred to be perfect and have no instincts or character flaws.” I said back on Crystal Planet the people think they and their arts are perfect, but I beg to differ. I find them to be egotistical, closed-minded, mind sex obsessed, and flatter one another’s art, even when it is mediocre. The psychologist opined, “I think you Crystal people look kinky and sexy and pure.” So I loved her in the human fashion and was very gratified.

     And I asked my fellow emissaries how they were getting along? They all said this Planet was a real eye-opener. And they wanted to stay longer. A couple of them said, they were in love.

     So, I decided to send pictures and videos and dreams of our experiences back to Crystal Planet. But no one replied, unsurprisingly. There was no way to go but forward. And I asked the drunken psychologist, Marie to come with us to deep Space. She said, “I’m not willing to leave all that I have here behind. I have many friends and lovers.” I told her, “I am very disappointed, but I understand. But you are the first person I ever loved, in the broader sense of love.”


      So, we went to the Andromeda galaxy, searching for intelligent life. We brought 6 humans with us for sex on the trip. And our attention was drawn to a Planet, towards the center of Andromeda. It took us almost a year to get there. And we were all suffering from cabin fever. When we arrived in that Solar System, we were escorted by a number of Spaceships towards a sparkling city of light. Here the people all appeared as holograms of light, and they didn’t look human. They each had six eyes in a circle hovering over their head. Their heads were a pyramid triangle and their bodies had 8 arms and hands. They mind read to us in English saying we were welcome to join them in their fun lives. It turned out that they were a race of scientists and had colonized hundreds of planets in Andromeda. But they were sexless and didn’t even have mind sex. And they could hear as well as see with their eyes. And they just wanted to do experiments and they had many experiments that they wanted to do with us. And without further ado they changed us into holograms with 10 hovering eyes, just like them, but we retained our minds. I asked these light creatures, “Do you like the arts?” They told us they had no time for art or play. They were serious about science with most just guinea pigs. The top 10 leaders did most of the theoretical science. And the leaders told us we would make exciting guinea pigs.

     It turned out they had developed long distance teleportation and travelled at surprising speeds. And they could project their minds into other galaxies using telekinesis and could develop new science cocoon dreamers. And the cocoons were like their babies and eventually would grow up to be 6-eyed creatures of light.

     I asked these people, “Are you descended from humans?” And they said no. But they said they’d picked up the English language from distant radio waves and translated it.

     And these people used MRT to convey dreams of scientific Utopia with one another. For example, a World in rich they were all rich and used the money for scientific research. Or being a guinea pig and being transformed into a whole new creature. Or designing more comfortable Spaceships with superior entertainment. And they made a lot of Utopias about humans and other clever creatures. And they even made an Utopia, about us Crystal humans in which we all were trained for science. And so on.


     And I asked them, “Tell me about other clever creatures?” They told me about the hairless, pink eggheads who all had three heads. And all decisions they made were by two-thirds majority or the agreement of all 3 heads. Apparently when they went to Space, their peaceful civilization fell apart as they were all greedy for Space real estate and murdered one another. But they still existed in a population of 5 million scattered over a few Solar Systems.  But the six-eyed men said these 3-headed people were lost and confused. I asked, “But what original thoughts do they have?” They told me, their sexual behavior was interesting, and they had 3 sexes, each one featured all 3. And they had orgies. And these 3-headed men were greedy for comfort for their mind and had recently developed peace drugs that made them blissful and non-violent. So now they lived in peace and were expanding. And they all believed they had been created by an eight-headed God and were trying to find the God in Space. And they created effigies of their God and prayed that the God would bring them good luck. Apparently, they believed their God was the God of luck.

     But the 3-headed creatures had no MRT or eternal youth and life for them was short and sweet. Or maybe not so sweet.  They were not really an advanced civilization according to the six-eyed people. They had sent an emissary to save these 3-headed people from themselves, but their emissary was murdered so then they sent a 6-headed “God” to the 3-headed people and told these people to be peaceful and kind and to pursue science.

     And they also mentioned about a race of dreamers in Andromeda galaxy who lived in fantastic cities and spent their time daydreaming. They were also related to humans. I said, “We’d like to go there.” And they said, we’ll make it happen.

     And the six-eyed people had visited our Crystal Planet and had previously given us faster Space travel but had decided to otherwise leave us alone, except now they got inside of mine and the emissaries minds’ and told us through hypnosis to go to other Worlds. This revelation was a bummer for me, and I felt like I had been used and was just a puppet. But they assured me that they had carefully selected us emissaries as good representatives for the Crystal people.

     The six-eyed people shared the latest fast Space travel. And they said they’d given us much faster than light travel, in the past, despite the fact that we didn’t do much new science. They had apparently given it to us some time ago, but now updated it so that other galaxies were within reach.

      And the six-eyed people said they considered themselves to be the superior race, at least in those Worlds, they had visited. And they said all kinds of thinking people would all come together one day in a loving World of science and art.

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