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By: Cailey Tarriane

I wrote and it made me happy,
I smiled and it may be the truth.

They’re my friends and they talked jovially,
They’re laughing and I may join them unforced and for real.
Everyone looked up at me, everyone felt attention commanded
by my presence, and hosting this group may be easier than it seems.
Group of girls singing,
No, I ain’t pressured to join in.
Talented keyboardist playing,
No, I did not invite him.
Poets formed a line, reciting from the heart, I could feel it.
Poets with their eyes on me, I may join them if they really wanted.

Two people kiss and I don’t mind,
we meet and sparks fly but I let it die out because
everyone is replaceable, I repeat that and I may have believed it.

My hands on a mic weren’t trembling,
My thanks for everyone joining may be the truth.

The room buzzed with frostbite from served ice cream, yet
The room had a warmth I may almost hug it.
The vibe so perfect I could taste it. The party was so real I could live here.
I thought I might be dreaming; I smiled, and it may be real.


Cailey Tarriane is an avid reader and has poetry published in Green Ink Poetry, Spillwords Press, Scribes Micro Fiction, and many more. She has written over four novels, and she can be found frequently scribbling about her beloved pets.

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