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By: Addehadid

I Miss My Demon

Always sitting among the angels
I miss my demon
Fighting in one’s own court, alone in the dungeon
I always fought without knowing anything,
Of arrogance, he has no wings
He never counted anyone’s blessings
He likes the lonely dress of humility he brings
He is always with me in the dark
Where there is no hatred’s spark
He buried all the good deeds of my life, never shouted
On anyone’s character, he never doubted
He was always with me like a mirror
He always holds hands, without, any terror
His eyes must be black, but not his heart
And he does not play the deception’s Art


Life Does Not Want To Face The Truth

Fate never hears the cry
But when life sighs
Then the prayer cannot be denied
Life does not want to face the truth, and death cannot be ‘lied’ to
But can increase joy
And can make tears disappear from the eyes
Only love can do this


This Sky Is With You Till The End

It is not wrong to walk the road alone
But it is wrong to remember the moments that hurt, while they are gone
Look at there, the starry sky
No matter how it is, is visible to the eye
Did you know, the stars and we are the same
We both have to burn to shine
Whatever you want, just claim it
This sky is with you till the end


When Silence Begins To Sing

When silence begins to sing
Then in the stormy clouds, the bell rings
See how sweet nature speaks
And how brave these creatures and weak
How gently the winds are waking up these sad meadows
And the pines have embraced the valley with their shadows
Nightingale’s melodies and these fluttering gays
And the love of the sun in its ways
And visible in the crystal heart of the stream, these rays
And these Bees wander without fear
And Arrived at the waiting flower
Maybe nature is about to come into its romance
I will come again to see the silence’s beautiful glimpses



What was an illusion, was the truth
Then when the truth happened, I imagined the illusion
Then we have lived
We turned back and saw nothing
It was all really an illusion

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