Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By Karen Lee Stradford

Gray Hair

They stick out.
Silver streamers grow
all over my crown.
Pepper my temples,
peeking through
in the light.

People notice my locks,
and comment on the look,
suggest hair dye
to cover them up.

I embrace my gray.
A sign of maturity,
Comb them
but never……………hide.


Unlikely Friend

I arrived five years ago,
happy to meet new people,
get first impressions,
try to figure out who is-
nice or not.

I hear constant chatter
about you
being unfriendly,
to get along with.

I take a chance
to talk to you,
listen to stories about
your family and hobbies,
realizing we have things
in common.

Because of you-
I learned
the importance of
knowing someone
for myself.

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