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By: Cailey Tarriane

A creature with qualities of a bird who can soar high and low,
face ups and downs, zigs and zags I am unready for, I, a bird
with the comforts of its nest, well provided by its twigs, self-built
but unnoticed for I do not fly far, could only wish to, fighting
To be recognized-
But nobody cares if I win when I’m playing alone.

A creature with a Jar and enough Honey is watching
those Unstuck from the walls holding them back
they made lasting sweetness with their honey while I,
I am left glued to the wall that has roped me in, struggling
To be free-
I do not know how to be Unstuck yet.

A creature with dreams that have half-open doors, the other half
is a blank sheet of paper with a story for each brave soul to forge,
made for me to write words untold all the same; their about winged birds who soar up and down, jars overflowing with honey, and the clock that ticks away,
a sound waiting to be blocked off by someone brave, at their own time-
someone who isn’t quite me yet.


Cailey Tarriane is an avid reader and has poetry published in Green Ink Poetry, Spillwords Press, Your Fire Magazine, Scribes Micro Fiction, and many more. She has written over four novels, and she can be found frequently scribbling about her beloved pets.

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