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‘Seize it’ and other poems

By: Anaya

Seize it

I can feel it
It’s here
I’m here

Cut the ribbon
Open up
So I did

Is this how it feels
Something new
I’m new

Like a dream
This real
I’m real


The chair

I’m a chair.
Just wood and wicker.
I don’t even have leather.
But sometimes, I feel like nobody cares.

But I’m not made to care
Or love, or hope, or dream
I shouldn’t want to be free.
After all, I’m just a chair.

I’m sat on top of.
I’ve felt the softness of velvet
And the scars of net
I stay in one place, I can’t move on.

Why can’t I hope?
Just because I don’t breathe doesn’t mean I can’t be free
No matter how slow

I’m tired of being mindlessly hugged
Or walked all over
And squashed like a clover
After all, I’m not a rug.


Je tomberai

I fall for Shades of blue
A fire in his eyes
A sparkle of youth
That rests; infinite

I will fall for a heart of silver
Strong, will never tarnish or wither
I will fall for his song
The melody may be bad, but lyrics are never wrong

I will fall for someone who
Doesn’t have to know exactly what to do
Rather our souls meet anew
Following the path etched they drew

I will fall for a guy with spirit like stars
A hopeless mess with a loud beating heart
Someone who cares and loves and appreciates the arts
Only then will I give him my heart.


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