Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Radomir Vojtech Luza

Isolation Alley

Alone in room 22
A metaphysical zoo
Loaded choo choo

Here in Grand Valley Healthcare Center
In Van Nuys, CA

The walls speaking a language of their own
Closing in like Allied troops after Normandy

Blinds taped to windows
Room painted in Christmas white

Neutral as an old Muhammad Ali fight

Whiling away the days in porn and poetry
Brainstorms and honesty
Anything but reality

Mind withering like bad company
Stinging like solitary confinement
In Russian alignment

Bed B facing the tiny bathroom
Where noise is made by bearded boys

Lonely once more
Tears galore
Insanity store
Health whore

Warped gore
Bulleted lore
All day snore

On the shores of yore
Tomorrow keeping razor from wrist

There is darkness on this list
Frozen fist
Dried mist

Cobra hiss
Fatal kiss
Under the sheets
Blasted by fleets who hover in beats

Retrieving what they lost
At quite a cost
They need somewhere to believe it


Risk Free Trial Offer

Birds soaring like falcons snoring
Crows flooring
Ravens boring

Murdering children with beaks and claws
Life is not risk free
It pivots on one knee

Like royalty
Native Americans at Wounded Knee

Existence a Queen Bee
Nasty but free

A leader sipping hot tea
On her bloodied knee

Losing control of your chi
On a path to Robert E. Lee

Blinded by the sea
Hurling obscenities at me

Risk coming with a key
Once bold but always with a fee

Light blue sky on high
Falling fast
Breeding last
Like a broken mast

Who lives with no risk?
Thinking it leaves a bruise
The size of the morning news

Bringing us to wooden pews
A tragic muse


Faithless Famine

This land
This gentle hand
Nation of stun and hum
Country of freedom

Cherries rife with strife
Skies pregnant with divas and dojos

Forests full of meadows and shadows
Talent bubbling up from cracks and crevices

Culture touched by Democracy and genius
Exploding cars
Empty bars
Addicted stars

Falling acrobats
Stalling fire eaters
Faltering daredevils

Where is poetry?

True artforms making us better in soul and heart
Not role and start

Talent shows without lungs
Networks with no rungs

Judges leaning on the young and unsung
While veteran performers get dung

America where did you go?
Slowing down with nowhere to grow

Ebbing the flow
Highlighting no

Exploding when mood meets myth
Truth takes the fifth

Emptiness grips lips
Icicles hips
Artificial sips

Beautiful disaster
Veins made of plaster

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