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By: Frances Leitch

Star Bright

Sprouting stars
of flowers blooming
in fields and meadows
The birth of spring
sunshine hues
and velvet petals
Clothe the earth
in faces of light
washing off
the tinge of night
Star Bright

Little Bird

In the chilly morn
When the sun rises up
past the songbirds height
upon the branch
of passing night
A soft note
Cast the chill away
chirp, chirp, chirping
birth to a light, full day
Song of the sun’s ray
Clinging to a flower
bathing the meadow
and wooded glen
All bright

Woodsy Home

A doe traipses through
the green woods slow
to nudge and nibble
Sunlit grasses
of life grow
Nearby, beyond
the forest cover
In the foliage discover
fawn, day begun
The breeze grazes
his cheek and greets
leaf flutter
Woodsy home
fawn and mother


Blooming Lights

The smile of spring
Flowers blooming
in fields and meadows
Fill the world with song
Springing across the slopes
of life’s crossing
Bathing the earth
in sunlit harmony
A parade of wildflowers
to toss off winter’s chill
and serenade a life
Flowering in lights
To guide our steps
to the highest heights

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