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‘Carmen contra molestiae’ and other poems

By: Douglas Colston

Carmen contrā molestiae
(A poem against troubles, annoyances, molestation and the vexatious)

A rhyming poem
can seem like a tome –
a section of a larger work,
it’s likely a dubious perk.

Constraining the creative process
may lead to a bit of a mess,
but applying capabilities
provides plenty of opportunities.

Does such affectation
amount to a shun –
the reader and poet ostracized
by meaning metamorphosized?

Words that rhyme
change with time
and there are other problems
creating conundrums.

Popularized in European poetry
around the 14th Century,
some consider them penury …
and I tend to agree.

When there is something to be said
it should reflect what’s in the head –
that’s what communication’s about …
otherwise, it’s all for nought.

The rhythm of thought
rather than rhyming that’s fraught –
such should be the goal
for verses that are whole.

As for the grander scheme
it would seem
whither Heaven or Hell,
only time will tell.


Dystopian utopias

‘Bad’ or ‘unfortunate’
standards, topics, clichés, platitudes and possibilities
are types of regions
that negate
commonly held standards, behaviour and reasoning …
and opportunities.

Utopias are,
nonexistent –
they are not
regions, commonplace, opportunities or possible …
not that many
perceive them as such.

what is attainable
is living
in the mundane –
ordinary physical existence
that is occasionally tedious, profane or vulgar –
and doing the best
we can manage
in each emerging moment.

It is through doing the latter
that we avoid, moderate or recover from
each of the former.

In and through
the World, humanity and related tools and decorations
we experience
that which is clear, pure, nice, fine, elegant and sophisticated
and while the diabolical exists,
people are at cause …
and people
practising goodness, excellence, valour, prowess and virtue
are the solution.

Speaking clearly about the latter
and facilitating requisite knowledge, skills and abilities
rather than becoming distracted or mired
in twisted fantasies of dystopian existence
is always timely.


A hoary pitfall

They chose
to immerse themselves
in material that ‘resonated’,
even carrying
their latest favorite tome
for a moment
just like this.

With glamor and charm,
they introduced the book
as providing a significant view
and slid it across the table.

The recipient turned
to a random page
and read for a time
before sliding the book back
and saying,

“This guy doesn’t know
what he’s talking about
and what’s worse
is that he’s promoting his baseless opinions
as fact
to dupe the ignorant”.

Stunned silence followed
the realization
that deep dives
could be shallow.


Tarot divination

Castle fortifications, a spire, a Buddhist stupa or ‘The Tower’ in Tarot?

A net (like that for catching birds)
or a sieve.

A memorial, shield, tablet or playing cards?

Whispering choices, wishes and desires.

Divination, foretelling or prediction?

Occupying and possessing
manners and airs
displaying, spreading out, gathering and collecting
defences, idolatry and –
on occasions –
inauspicious omens.

Fortresses, castles, rough ground,
difficulties, dangers, stressors,
the unattainable and the impassable?

Showing, displaying and pointing out
the figurative, rhetorical and decorative.

To begin or start the future,
give voice to doing …
working, creating, causing and being involved.

A palace or large residence
exhibits, exposes, explains and signifies
the rhetorical:

 “They seize or lay hold of 
 what is given, offered, rendered or yielded”. 

A hall?

A possession
that shows discussion, talk or debate
is a fitting fair wind
founding utility, benefit and advantage.


Ἀκροστιχίς ἐπῐ́διώκει τελειότητᾰ
Akrostikhís epídiṓkei teleiótēta

An Acrostic seeking perfection; or,
The oldest, best, sharpest and foremost verse pursues perfection

is a term
that describes –
in part –
the delightful, guiltless and well-informed.

isn’t perfect.

isn’t skewed
by solipsistic cognitive reframing
to the contrary.

For evidence
of imperfection,
one need only recall
one holocaust
or another.

done by humans
are obviously imperfect.

Compassionate and conscious efforts
to right wrongs
approach perfection.

using spiritual posturing
minimising crimes
is gaslighting.

Ignorance –
feigned or otherwise –
may be at cause,
but it’s no real excuse.

Ordinary common sense
is a fitting moral compass.

No more
may need to be said
(but much more
will be).


Crypto: a new word for Ponzi (or Pyramid)

It’s right there in the name
if you’re capable of perception
unclouded by delusional ideas
of getting rich quick
without any risk.

‘Crypto’ is a term that –
in English –
means ‘secret’ or ‘covert’ …
two ingredients
that may well be toxic
to healthy investments.

It’s a word
that’s even related
to the name of the element Krypton,
which –
in comic books –
is the basis of Kryptonite …
the poisonous radiation
that weakens supermen
(and superwomen).

Crypto and the like –
including NFTs –
in part,
on the Greater Fool Theory
(the idea that,
during a market bubble,
one can make money
by buying overvalued assets
and selling them for a profit later,
because it will always be possible
to find someone
who is willing to pay
a higher price).

Grifting is at it’s heart
and inherent in the concept
is relying upon a Rube –
of course,
another way of saying that
would be,

“It’s fraud
perpetrated on a witless victim”.

It’s best to be neither a fraudster
nor a victim of one.


Kárma, the Dào, mastery, Qì and ‘enough’ explained

Remember to maintain, preserve and cherish
decisive action aligned with harmonizing
through just and respectful unification
consistent with fundamental generative good.

To violate, abuse, debase, defile or be contemptuous
is bad, worthless, useless, ugly, hideous, injurious,
wretched, unhappy, low, mean vile or evil.

The human heart, mind and soul
disposes, distributes and arranges –
devising, cobbling together, joining and stitching
the way, path, method and course –
but a master, ruler, lord or proprietor
gives forth, produces, yields and circulates …
directing and steering in straight lines,
having previously trodden that path.

Reasoning –
the core feature of humans –
prepares the steps
on the ever-emerging manifestation
of the way, path or journey.

Recall this and keep it in mind:

“To rely upon that
which is fabricated, fictitious and lacking substance
is a strange, hollow and insincere ‘nest’”.

That which is genuinely innate
(the optimal potential of each emerging moment)
carries this message:

“To take pleasure
in inferior victories or sayings
is possible,
but the portal to the ‘self’
is virtue, good conduct and energy and power
directed towards being favourable and kind”.

Theories, views or doctrines
may be spoken
and can scold, influence or persuade.

Many may be taken as a remedy
or they can appear
like the clothes worn during mourning …
and one
may willingly submit to them,
become accustomed to their influence
or swallow them in a subservient manner.

Magnificent clarity
is the art, skill and method
demonstrating mastery.

Refreshing clarity and verity
is fundamentally generative.

To refresh aims, standards and criteria,
start, begin and initiate …
only after boiling and seething
is reality made new.

switches on genuine change.

Fresh clarity thaws …
then begins opening real reform.

Those that rely on, act in accord with or comply with
provocation and vexatious or offensive behaviour –
including those that remain silent –
effectively commend forces intent on:

(i) writing and binding
a book composed of stories
of extortion, violence, bondage;


(ii) the overthrow of innocence.

An outstanding person of genuine ability
knows that great joy is a rare thing
and that to bare one’s teeth is rarely,
if ever,
anything other than foolish.

Coming into contact with such vile stew,
might initially elicit a quick complaint …
but it is worth no more
before remedial action is taken.

Such an exceptional and distinguished person –
whether single-handed
or with like-minded companions –
will then deftly
(perhaps even silently)
overthrow and vanquish
the weakness that has arisen
to engrave a tale
of genuinely mindful and impregnable
greatness, wisdom and virtue.

Dispatching only ‘double happiness’
is exceptional.

The companionship of good friends
that think and act in a unified manner
is a great thing.

By comparison,
winning, competence and prevailing
may well be inferior.

Below that
is having a personality or character
that is frightening
or full of thundering mental anguish.

Still more inferior
is being alone, base and simple.

This is the way of Qì.

is the way of Qì –
you are dependent on your Qì
for unique and superior performance.

Such performance,
in turn,
is a fundamental contributor to your personality
(including your characteristic ethical framework).

Being competent, prevailing and winning
throughout life
is dependent on one’s character
and is a critical element
of the powerful, joyful and sonorous vehicle
of union with like-minded and valuable friends.

Describing teachings and doctrines
concerning the ideal way
to live one’s life
is worthy, suitable and permissible.

Falsehood is fraudulent
and it is wrong
to censure, reproach or blame
consistently or frequently.

It is enough
to simply and normally
pursue ideal principles and methods.


Douglas Colston – who finds himself approaching his mid-50s and living at the Sunshine Coast in Australia – has played in Ska bands, picked up university degrees, supported his parents during terminal illnesses, married his love, fathered two great children, had his inheritance embezzled, transitioned into Counselling as a vocation and experienced chronic mental and physical illnesses consequential to workplace harassment. Now, among other things, he is pursuing a PhD.

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