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By: Vanaja Malathy

One step out…an expanse of snow
as if some naughty kids tilted barrels of white paint from above
all vegetation came under its coat
blank silence everywhere
chirpy birds, light-footed squirrels, voracious caterpillars…
gone busy celebrating elsewhere?
life seemed dull and blank


a sudden spurt of passion to know my little forgotten world
compelled my eyes to see with a feeling and a deeper insight
the wonders produced in the universe
longingness to become one with nature
for the mind halted attending to the demon within.

How ephemeral and worthless it is
to go blind to the beauty of nature
the spring had ushered in all green and slipped through faster
the fall just rolled its array of coloured leaves down the hills
Now the serene winter…
Why did the splendor of nature always escape my sight?

envy, flattery, hypocrisy, egotism
Ran the full spectrum of colors on the curtain i weaved in front
jaundiced my eyes and shielded my vision
hid my inner self of complacent simplicity
robbed its childlike wonder
imprisoned it, made lifeless.

harsh bristles of fallacy painted opaque strokes
made the uncomplicated world behind impregnable
artificiality muted my living
behind the glittery curtain lay
concealed my innocent world of peace and joy

I knew not
for I had chosen the glitter of the world.

but today i dared to slide the screen and peep through…
we often falter but some intuition
lightens our souls and the festive atmosphere
brightens our spirits.

Who tapped into my intuition?

church bells’ tintinnabulations
mesmerizing music of carols
A spell on the earth.


A doctorate in English and an educator for decades. A smooth drift from academic writing to Poetry; Vanaja Malathy considers poetry as her fabric of existence; poems to breathe and as a vent to her emotions. She also loves to paint, sew and read.

Her poems have appeared recently in The Nightingale Poetry Journal, The New-England Monthly Poetry Digest, The Poet’s Showcase,, The New International Poetry Digest, and The Literary Yard


  1. This poem has personified the word ‘Introspection’ . Yes , to pause and look how we live and impact the lives of others.
    The simplicity of a wintery day so beautifully brought out. 👏👏👏

  2. Nature is not a place to visit but it is home which makes us feel good !! Beautifully described about the Nature 👏👏👏👏👏

  3. What a beautifully painted picture of nature and how we can be blind and not see it. “Harsh bristles of fallacy…” those strokes that don’t let us appreciate nature and then comes Christmas! Lifts the veil – love it!

  4. Yes it’s so beautifully brought out how blind we r to natures beauty all around us n soaked in other woes n confined to daily chores neglecting the natures beauty. Once we step out of this, the child like emotions mischief n playfulness makes us realise the true beauty of life surrounding us.So well worded that one cud just picture the whole wide world n makes us realise what we r not allowing ourselves to do.

  5. A picture perfect poetic description of Nature.
    Very beautifully penned n d world images r exquisite 👌

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