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‘Romain Blue Domain’ and other poems

By: Darren Stephen Lynch

Romain Blue Domain

Unlatch the cities fragrant eyes
Mind trailing abreast in the abode of beating night
Open along the passage
A kin of raptured tale
Levelled by this promise
Elaborating too the sight of forwarded pose
A touching divinity
Warmth rushing freed
Entered by this fantasy
A brilliance above fables
On song to come again
In the humming greater called advent
Eager for the morrow scend
Erupt now wished temperament
For stood roaming along a desperate essence
Fielded in a soft spoken conscious cushioned met spell
The harvest passenger caged
Whispered in misty yearnings
A lost languages only bound in perimeters of old scent
Drawing into the clouds of desperation
So comes the way
Rushed green bounding
To the beat of fours
An ever sharply winter layed
Driven perfuse let go
An sharpish end
In sancity whalling she cries
Secular the marks
A frayed be this thy east
Roman blue embers
Descendant in the lay of old
Dacoity lead us to perch
Aborted be it the land ploughed
Homely rests on creed
Wisdom the mockery of sovereigns belief
Further dreams be called on passed
The cries trail
Ancient psalms too roam in the deep air of eulogy
Spoken droplets in the cool needs of velvet prayer
Centred horizons in the forced earthly caves
Locked in the furnace of endless night
Lucid elegance
Along the corridors
Recollection kisses its grace
Marauding so vain
The memory of the birthed silent domain.


Tracks of The Purple Flame

Hold the guided sovereign
For it be the king so languish due lone
Blue voices promise
In the passing of a heedful declaration
Essence of a reigns horizon
For who be it not moved in the cotton soiled
Golden breeze quarters unfolded
To the eyes of weeping widows
For worth was the game affray
Fever drips last
Too move the edging thread
In the refugee sought bane
Aborted by the perceptive wanderers profane
Souls bleeding the scriptures roaming message
Limits remain in death of the heavenly saints vain
Freedom was too desire breaking through
As glistened eyed ravens
We followed
In the tracks of the purple flame.


Shadows of May

Shadows the wild inquisitors
To find freedom
She lay.


The Bridge of Conception

Heralded conception stands on the bridge of past
Messages a link antecedent
As you stand before the orbit of belief
Crawling in the spirals of years
Concrete was the view of preached archaic
Together in the feel escaping dance
Floor the ballroom of thought coop elud
Understand for the specimens in hand
As the eyes of mast draw clearer in grey shelter
Strangers form the touch of casual joy
Inquisite for the came
Hours patiently arouse
In jewelled voices ringing on the bygone pages
Shores of unknown graves
Alive in the minded ocean fires
Touch of close sun reaching in the surrendered light of night
The under wishing rivers sings the decide of reveal
The water open sounds
Enlighten me softly golden gates of succession
Voices of immaculate friends
Touching crossing calls
In the arms set of free.


The Break in Cronus

Death in the kindred spirit
As of cities mount bellows
I am of friend,

In the time hallowed
Old beckons
The due of hours
Bounding was the promise ascension
Too seat among cold bears
Were the seeds of calmly winter
In the scent too winds off green escaping
Aspiring birth in the Apollo
The sun led
Different ends
Brought to gallows along magnum demi corridors
I have come alone
The kind wine descends
In a weary speech
Reaching along the paths
Of fate stroked findings
The dancing call ,

Smile again
Old friend
I have found
The end.


Whispers to the wild

Find me in the storms maze
Touching limits to draw sense
Words magnify in the morrow of death
Whose song shall play
In the wake of lifted chains
Can any bells find wicked breeze
Fading eternal
Cast new bound awaking ,
In the view of final green
I bring treason in the age of avail
Announcing calm perimeter asunder
In the goddess of well
New life resurrected in a serpent of spell
Drawing a glistening ode release
For i kissed the night
In own eyed dreams ,
Alive ,
Smiled ,
The demise

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