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By: Chen Ruizhe

Moving house green plants by spring awake, waiting for the rain fine dust clothes.
In exchange for the hair Yun Yan Mang, all ready to receive spring clothes.

Lift up all things
Wake up by snow water
Broken by vernal breeze
Connect to the warm sun to dress
Maybe want to go alone
Open up the fragrance and attract the bee butterfly
Independent flower group
Only I am proud
But it will converge
Take the law to go to the result
As soon as the autumn rain comes
Only the sadness of solitude
With the dress slowly retreating
Drop a seed
Three seasons gone
Rest long in winter


Chen Ruizhe, 15 years old, is a member of the Council of Young Writers and Authors. His works are widely published in Chinese Writers, Chinese Poetry Net, Poetry and Ci Yun, and Chinese Village. Chinese and Foreign Poets, Southwestern Red Bean Literature, Jiangzhou Literature.


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