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By: KJ Hannah Greenberg


Not all strong, pleasant tastes are free of sycophantic heritage
(Consider how obsequious behaviors often precede elections.)
Assess, too, the number of “people’s candidates” engaged in
Misanthropic, “private” deeds (until their rivals count ballots).

Especially in conurbations, denizens would be squicked out if
They realized how poorly bosuns and kindred funks destroyed
Truth’s raison d’etre, otherwise compromised allegiances with
Common good (sometimes, “tasty” pastries surround poison.)


The Plyometrics of the Mind

Crusty personages avoid culling myrmidons, or else gather jointly
Any nature of followers inclined toward central, jument amenities.
Sprinting as sumpters hardly ever inspires the category of loyalty
Necessary to be inveigled. However, handfuls of gold still works,

Gauche folks tend to adore riches above flattery, false self-esteem,
Aboon cates, equally pretending to be worthwhile over usefulness,
It’s yet possible to perform plyometrics of the mind with them, to
Use the speed/force of suggestive rhetoric as a kind of entrapment.

Accordingly, laconic strategies linger, limiting utility; all kindness
Purchases no power. Awful, carking ignoramuses steadily produce
The species of ends that despots and similar types seeks from those
Aspiring to be the nieves of new rulers, or old, alleyway gangsters.


The Purposeful Absence of Language

Illuminating any purposeful absence of language alarms
People implementing contrary agendas, whether they are
Unintentional misinforming or premeditatedly fracturing.
The ubiquitousness of discourse, among the designative,
Legislative, evaluative powers of managers, on balance,
Impacts urban, suburban, moreover, farmland identities.

Schemers raising questions of individual compunctions,
Institutional expressions of functions and statutes, learn
How nontechnical elucidations of linked phenomena rot.
We deserve greater grasped cooperative world-building,
The sieving of responsibility from channels’ impetuous
Actualizers (from bodies of disparately shared agency.)

On par, ivory tower features get obstructed by traditions
(Maintaining accountability & equality remain distinct)
Until abiding enquiries stop semantics/pragmatics’ rive.
Philosophy’s restrictions on incommensurate guidelines
Suggest misplaced preparedness when showing emoted
Experiences’ blatant emblematic, intellectual references.

Additionally, communication’s universal modes withal
Fail to legitimize objectivistic inquiry, to cease lauding
Symbolic interaction further, per doctrinaire sequences.
Notwithstanding prolixity’s observability, whensoever
Neglecting to scrutinize language’s right consequences,
We despoil each epicenter in places we make meaning.



When enthralling emotionally bulimic individuals, particularly as concerns
Charismatic others, boons to thinking might include: kulning, brown noise,
Also, cat calls. Yet, salvation remains the province of moistening, suckling.
Else “leaders” are traduced, demarked by canards, snubbed, unworshipped.

Such enticing herbetude is best disregarded since pandenes and engkala
Are rare in North America. Like sprites on high wires, entities insisting,
Nevertheless, upon provoking with inestimable turpitude and depravity,
Create farragoes, destroy lives, cleave vast texts for human difficulties.

Mesmeric, captivating, hypnotizing, attractive persons, those “anointed”
Others, unlike most phlegmatic people, mull over only those moments
That oblige. We’re counseled to manifest languid sentiments not fiery
Motes if contemplating odd troubles’ limited, fully reflective lassitude.

It’s still vital to employ craftiness, to retain ethical opulance, to travail ‘til
Sedulous acts are abated, as well as to pursue paper or a screen to commit
Mentations, feelings, wooing, charming, luring via important idea groups,
Placed on plinths or high altars, to cease visualizing cessations to sorrows.


A Plethora of Beliefs

A plethora of beliefs often becomes a tangle of inspiration, a knotted grid whose fragments
Undergird numerous divergent perspectives, whose nexes create sundry forms of confusion.
It’s enough to have control over single understandings of associations amid words, dealings,
Meanings, to score scholarship, from mythos to normative pluralism, for individual referents.

After all, when separating feelings from thoughts, we should incorporate limited, practicable,
Epistemologies, that is, systems whose intellectual or artistic activities enhance our standing.
Depicting rhetorical as “excellence evidenced in socially-sanctioned artifacts” might render
Means of signifying the complexity of themes, employed for communication, appear natural.

On balance, countless present day thinkers’, artists’, leaders’, as well as chroniclers’ construct
Incommensurable influences, maintain it’s increasingly challenging to comprehend identities.
Sure, symbolic language persists in being capable of mediating conflicting cultural codes, of
Bringing peace to communities focused on disparate perceptions of reason, of staging amity.

Nonetheless, provincial ethos, frequently, stays swayed by sparse functions, principal players.
As well, ideology, icons, plus communication morality, continue to be based on their beliefs.
Withal, the categorization of language into profane and mundane classes remains constituted
By massive borrowing of elites’ vocabulary; rarely do “knowledge” and “virtue” get divided.

Therefore, our noetic delvings nearly always hinge on our pressing obligations to convention.
Too many folks yet fear cultural excommunication culled by personal growth, let alone social
Movements; they’re stymied. Community morality becomes personal metaphysics. Humanity
Endures as entrenched in established patterns of life while wondering why we’re so gummed.

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