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By: Josephine Rudolf

I know I must face you
But I can’t today, maybe tomorrow
If there is one
I was always pretty sure of the tomorrow part
Yet you took that from me

So if I can’t be sure of a tomorrow
All I have is today
Then I’ll fight you now

I would punch you but my body is weak
The gleam of the lighthouse, broken in many ways
Is all that’s left to guide me through this stormy sea

The ship collides with the glaciers of my soul
I can’t fight you physically
So I´ll outsmart you with my wit
But you made sure I couldn’t
Turning my mind into a foggy night

I could try the power of positivity
That won’t be enough to defeat you
But it will be enough to make it until tomorrow

And if there is a tomorrow
I won’t need to defeat you today.

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