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By: Lyra Goga

The light is long gone now

The light is long gone now
I doubt it ever existed
a harmful deception, a mere illusion
if only someone ended this deadly confusion.

Yet no help comes
No knight in shining armor.
In loneliness you have to endure this pain
to bear this idle existence with no worthy gain.

Numb as I am
for darkness I silently pray
on my own I need to reach the end of the way.

Suddenly they want to keep me here
the day will come again they say
other fruitless lies
which I no longer believe.
Still in this false light I stay
what other choice I have but to sadly obey.


Lyra Goga is an emerging writer based in Kosovo. A lover of words, she seeks to create exquisite worlds with the beautiful stories she gets to live. 

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