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By: Puneet Kumar

One Big Recipe Book

Life is a one big
Recipe book
That keeps many
Delicious dipping sauces

It has the best condiments
To add delicious tastes
And tangy aromas
For each meal

It can be chilli
Mustard, tomato
Finely chopped pickles
Or a mayonnaise-based recipe

Everything goes well
With your snacks and meals
Just keep the portion sizes small
And mix everything well

Life will always be delectable
With your favorite
Dipping sauces
Especially home-made

Try always new elixirs
With ingredients
Like garlic, lemon juice
Salt and pepper

I Failed to Sleep

Last night
I failed to sleep
I felt hungry
In the middle of night

In the dead quiet night
I walked into my kitchen
Slowly opened the refrigerator
I ate one scoop of custard with ice cream

It was so delicious
I felt like eating one more
But I tell myself
Not to eat any more

I returned back to my bed
But I felt like eating some more
I found it hard to stop my craving
And I returned back to eat

I don’t remember
How many times
I awakened last night
To eat some more

In the morning
When I awakened
My wife was shocked
Who ate the custard with ice cream

I pretended I didn’t know anything
But all looked at me
As if they knew
Who was the late-night eater?

I said nothing
Just forced a smile
And said sorry
Then we all laughed

Sorry! But I Enjoyed a Lot

I woke up this morning
And decided to make
A sweet custard fruit salad

I took out all the fruits from the freezer
And cut them into small pieces
I found them tempting

Indeed, these were colorful
Healthy and nutritious
I started to eat one at time

Needless to say, I ate them all
And skipped the idea to make custard
Sorry! But I enjoyed a lot

It gave me a healthy morning start
I felt myself good and energetic
Hope I would have such a morning start every day

Samosa Is Still Poetry

Samosa is still poetry
In golden-brown color
In cone shape
Served well with chutney

Chutney often made-up of
Curd and mustard
Or from coriander leaves
That enhances its taste

It is one of my finest memories
Of my childhood
Standing eagerly
In the samosa shop of my town

Those were the lovely days
Each evening just two samosa
With load of chutney
And belly is filled with good taste

It is the prefect recipe
Loaded with potatoes
Peanuts, green peas and nuts
Sealed in all-purpose flour dough

Finely dipped in hot oil
Rightly fried for some minutes
Those golden-brown cone-shaped
Samosa is ready to serve

Hot and crispy samosa
Full of temptation
Ready to eat
Often eaten in a hurry

Memories are so refreshing
So clear and clean
I still feel to eat a lot
Though I know it is a junk food

A Bowl of Vegetable Soup

Whenever I was ill as a child
My mother used to offer me
A bowl of vegetable soup
As it was the perfect remedy for a cold

It contained a lot of vegetables
It was colorful and tasty
It might not be a perfect dish
But a perfect one for a sick child

Today it is winter
I have cold and fever
I don’t have anyone
To cook for me now

I don’t have the heart to leave my bed
I am remembering my mother
And the best soup she had cooked
As it was the best comfort dish for me

Those were such lovely days
Its memories are so fine and soothing
Now I just want to have that bowl of soup
That nourished and restored both body and soul


Puneet Kumar is a full-time poet, writer and life coach. He writes poems, short stories, novels and self-help books. He has self-published 15 books. He loves to write on subjects like relationships, healthy living, food and nutrition wine and lifestyle or anything that adds positive lights into life.


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