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‘Valley of Forgotten Days’ and other poems

By: Sha Weï

Valley of Forgotten Days

I safekeep my childhood dew
on the split end
of your salty
sailor hair

I relive my forgotten days
in the fog-laden valley
of your unavailable
lush dimple

I hear my naked songbird
in your holistic thunder
sings the piercing way
how you call my name

I rest the end of my breath
in your battlefield cage
lost the solemn key
to the way you hide your death


Brothel of nous

I am an orphan to my parents
I am an outlander to my country
I am an intruder to myself
I am a brothel to my nous

I am a motel sign in heaven
I am a wedding ring in a tomb
I am a fist in a pocket
I am faith in a laboratory

I am a dog of capitalism
I am a silhouette of beau idéal
I am the silence of structural violence
I am the élan vital of cosmos

I am a hero in the making
I am a tragedy in the telling
I am a crocodile in hiding
I am a volcano in waiting

I am a victim with a grin
I am a shadow with an audience
I am a chess match with the death
I am a dessert with a wildflower

I am a prisoner without a cell
I am a mother without a child
I am a funeral without a corpse
I am a rosebud without a tycoon

I am an infant on the deathbed
I am a terrorist on the other side
I am a tank on a meadow
I am mortality on a leash

I am a hand around your throat
I am a hand around your waist
I am a hand on a trigger
I am a hand on a crib

I am a cigarette break from 9 to 5 slavery
I am a blade across an eyeball
I am closed eyes in the mirror
I am a God never arrives


Closed Eyes of Argumentative Sky

By the time Galileo shouts out my past lives
Into the argumentative sky
I will already be gone

By the time my firstborn opens her Venus eyes
Brushes the vulgar fur of our world for the first time
I will already be gone

By the time the edge of the cosmos
Confesses to the child-thieving time
I will already be gone

By the time the eternal tide
Devours the God-seeking sun
I will already be gone

By the time I learn to cry the jewels of joy
Rain my eau-de-vie into the naked sea
I will already be gone

By the time Joan of Arc betrays her breasts
Finally burn me on the lonesome stake
I am forever gone

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