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‘Spring fireworks’ and other poems

By: Chen Ruizhe

Spring fireworks
At that time, the weather was no longer divided between inside and outside
Stop at the window
Look into the glass
Feeling the self that is hidden and reflected
The sound of spring shadows light.

Pull a piece of spider silk from the eaves
Against a background of sunlight
The warm dog looked at me
Slouch your ears
Snorting closer and wagging his tail

The least irritable season
Ears are full of birdsong
There is no more emptiness before my eyes
The sky is more colorful

Eye and one place
Art is everywhere
Say something
Words and sentences contain abundant meaning

The most relaxed season
The wheat has a seed foundation
The first battle takes the space of the weeds
Everything is fresh
How clear the air is
Free of dust and loose leaf

The mood is responsive to the heart
Spring rejoices in the mood


Dizzy day
Felt rain cloth scattered smoke vast, to withdraw the veil to wander more.
Cloud north unified set speed busy, sorrow broke the sky weaving step gradually long.
Loom more into silk is dewy, topological number of yards cover the workshop.
Light Cupboard holding pound color heavy, evenly pour foam into the mixing tank.
Floating thin scattered Ze top Sheng, Cotinus coggyi garden pick mixed evening red.
Next clear curtain dense ten thousand Zhang, God leisurely hand pick Splash white seal.
Faint red is not even according to the source of clear, suddenly free from the Queen Mother sound.


Ink retention
The stems and leaves rise and touch the gentle breeze, and the flowers and stamens scatter fragrance.
Pillow paper construction pen are smooth, leaving QingMo case drunk hall.


Yan Hui
The cloud pen hooks the sky wide, the juice wipes the mountain to expand.
West cloth red woven silk, east move rolling stone lying.
The swallow carries the warm light; The wind is shaken by its wings.
I am afraid of losing the whole line, and the mountains and rivers are ashamed to fade.


Chen Ruizhe, 15 years old, is a member of the Council of Young Writers and Writers. His works are widely published in Chinese Writers, Chinese Poetry Network, Poetry and Ci Yun, and Chinese Village. Chinese and Foreign Poets, Southwestern Red Bean Literature, Jiangzhou Literature.

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