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By: Tom Ball


     Other than the fact that Martina, was so sexy, I, Edgar, saw a sparkling intelligence. And she said, “I am regarded as one of the top 10 intelligences in the World. I want to clone myself a million times and improve on the gene pool.” I said, “You are a zillionaire and can afford it, but why not tweak each one to make them subtly different.” She said, “I am perfect, or at least as perfect as is possible for a human to be. I have done everything right and have never made a mistake.” I replied, “You are certainly proud of yourself. But I think you are full of hubris.” She said, “But you don’t know anyone as clever as me.” I said, “You are certainly witty, and I know you’ve made billions on quiz shows and talk shows all want to talk with you. And you are President of the UW (United Worlds), true. But what is your plan for the UW?” She answered, “I want to build a new Capital on Mars. It will be of steel like a number of Eiffel tower-like buildings. And will have clones of all the best, most intelligent citizens represented there. At least the best will send their clones who have all their memories. There will be a great synergy and it will be the pinnacle of all human civilization. And I am a multi-trillionaire and have a lot of rich and influential friends.”

     And she added, “I like a number of scientists, and want to invite them to come to my new colony, like the ones who created eternal youth and cured all diseases, including sexual ones. Eternal youth is the best thing that’s ever happened to humanity, and most people swear they’ll live to be a thousand or more, though that remains to be seen. And curing sex disease has led to a revolution in sexual habits and made many people truly free. And I like the scientists behind automation, who have freed humankind from having to work. And the scientists who developed long distance teleportation. All these scientists are still alive, and I hope they will send me clones or come to Mars in person. And who knows what they will come up with?”

     And she said, “I particularly liked writer, Aphrodite W. who wrote ‘Future Love,’ about how everyone in the future will be open-minded about love, but marriage contracts will live on. Not everyone will be sex-crazed, and many will want a steady partner that they can rely on. And she has said, “But everyone will be attractive with genetic therapy and plastic surgery. But perhaps future people will be oversexed.” I said, “Probably everyone will take sex drive enhancers to spend a lot of time having sex, having nothing better to do. But ultimately, I think people will get bored of it.” She said, “But old-fashioned romance will have a resurgence, I think! And with it, true love!” I said, “Some say there are so many soul mates out there on the Internet that they can’t keep up!”

     And she said, “I liked the writer, Gloria R., who wrote, ‘The Advent of Queen Berenice,’ about a great Queen who ruled Moon Triton and created a Utopia of games and sport. In this World everyone had a lot of dexterity and beautiful bodies and minds!” I said, “I liked her book t ‘City States,’ and how it was destiny for all nations to break up under the UW umbrella and city states will imagine their own courses forward. It will be easy for city states to discover the more talented citizens and give them prominence.” And she said, “I also liked her book, ‘Future Animals,’ about how future animals will use Mind Reading Technology (MRT) with one another and will talk to humans as equals.”

     Martina added, “I also like the writer, Dan S., who writes about modern day science in an easy way to understand. He makes the whole Universe so easy to understand. And he says, ‘love your life to the full.”’ I said, “On one hand the Universe is simplistic just like he says, but on the other hand it is infinitely complex.”

      Martina was also talking about her ex-boyfriend, Paul M. who she said, “Told me ‘God has many layers. We’ve pulled a few of them back, but that has only revealed more layers.”’ I said, “I think scientists more and more believe in intelligent design, and the more Star Systems we colonize, the more we revel in the pure beauty of Space.” She answered, “Yes, it all comes down to beauty.”

     Also, Martina was talking about the writer, Samantha S., Who wrote about mass hypnosis. She hypnotized millions of people while on TV. And she told them to all try their best to become artists of various kinds, whichever they felt more skilled at. And she told them not to let anyone else hypnotize them. Just tune into her every Friday night for re-hypnosis. And people claimed they never felt better and worshipped Samantha. They gave her most of their money which she used to reach more people. She was thought by most to be the most influential artist of our time. She wrote about an idyllic future in which everyone was a type of artist. I said, “But mass hypnosis is dangerous in the wrong hands.”

     Martina also told me, “I like the writer, Stephen S. who wrote about ‘The Hidden Truth’ which was about ‘how in the future they would find a way for everyone to be good personae. No one was inherently evil, he said’” I said, “The moder-day solution mostly involves rehab and brain surgery for evil people. But perhaps as Stephen says, ‘We can make everyone good through MRT and hypnosis.”’

      And Martina spoke to me of the writer, Pan G., who wrote “The Charms of Excelsis W.” It was about a woman who charmed numerous male dictators and turned them into philosopher Kings, at least somewhat and she was a neurosurgeon and gave them experimental drugs of kindness and hypnotized them to be good. Few people knew what she had done until she revealed it all in a tell-all book about it. Of course, many of the dictators were chagrinned about her revelations, thinking it made them look weak. Some even had themselves cross-hypnotized in an attempt to reduce her influence, but if they did this, it mostly drove them mad, and they lost the confidence of their people and were often dethroned.

     Martina also liked the man who said, “Everyone should be constantly drunk, stoned and on neo-cocaine. He said “Life is cruel and evil and one needed drugs to get through it. But one needed to do art on art drugs. And it was better to laugh and forget than dwell on the past and keep things fresh and new. Love was basically different every time, to those who were clever he said.” Martina told him, “Many people are living as youths for too long and were wasting eternal youth and needed to do art rather than just enjoy life. Everyone was capable of art,” she said. I said, “Yes, I can envision a World where everyone is an artist of some kind. It will be one kind of Utopia. And people will take drugs not only to make them better artists, but better overall humans.”

     Martina was also telling me about an intellectual who sang songs about tragedy. Despite our advanced civilization, there were many tragedies. Some were human caused, others were caused by Mother Nature. In Space, there were many disasters like with teleportation gone wrong and storms and quakes. More and more people were living in the atmosphere of gas giants and in dangerous areas of Space. And this musician wrote concept albums and was named Denise R. and she wrote the “Lunar Chronicles, A.D. 2145” it was music about hypothetical intellectuals of the future who teleported everywhere and no longer used air cars. And some of them had the philosophy that all art should be automatic, and people should just sit back and enjoy. But others denounced automation and said humans should do all the works of art as well as science. The Worlds were split between these two philosophies.

      Also, Martina enjoyed the work of the painter, Don S., who painted, “Faces of Horror,” and “Future Faces.” He said, “Such faces have never been seen before.” And he imagined them for the first time. And he claimed to be a disciple of physiognomy. And he said, “Future people will all be cleverer than our modern era, and their faces will reflect that.” And he painted, “Future Cities,” portraying spiral architecture and all new plants of a kaleidoscope of colors and Alien faced humans.

      And Martina liked George T. who made statues of many of the great people of the past and used their DNA to clone them and one could communicate with these statues who had android brains using MRT (Mind Reading Technology). When no one was talking to them, they just dreamed on the Web and talked with other statues. Some demanded to be given a human body and their wish was granted. Others were happy to not live in the material World and were quite content as statues. Some DNA to make the statues was real from their graves, other DNA was based on their intellectual works and created brains that would be capable of such works, in the times they were creating in. Some said such brains were highly hypothetical, others figured they were good examples of the original. And scientists used past DNA and tried to improve on it, making past great thinkers more intelligent and put them in imaginative cities as well as improving on contemporary humans using cyborg technology. Everyone was quickly becoming cyborgs and had vast memories and knowledge that was easy to access and a greatly increased IQ. The days of Superhumans were upon us.


      And Martina wanted to build a new Utopia, on Mars. And told me about her proposed Ministers…

      Martina had an admiration for “Igor W., The Man.” He was called the Man because of his exotic, erotic dreams. Many women wanted to get in his head with MRT and learn about male sexuality. For example, he dreamed of exotic looking huge-breasted women who themselves dreamed of him and him only. And he dreamed of women who were cleverer than him and he was their slave. And he dreamed of women who required a lot of old-fashioned courtship. And so on. Martina wanted to make him Minister of Dreams and wanted him to seek ways to enhance peoples’ dreams, and he agreed.

     Martina also enjoyed the company of Girl T., who was vivacious and daring, and was a great party host. She had maximum EQ and she organized parties for all sorts of people. Martina wanted to make her Minister of Entertainment in the new Utopia she was building. Entertainment was now very important as few people worked. And she agreed…

     Another interesting friend of hers, was Emma H. She was a famous actress in high brow movies and was a sex symbol. She acted in movies like, “Ghastly Days in Hell,” and “Two Star Multisexuals,” also “Perfect Women on Luna,” and “Utopia on Ganymede.” And so on. And Martina wanted to make her Minister of Sex in the new Utopia. And Emma, she sent a clone.

     And she knew a financial wizard Martin G. who was a multi-trillionaire. And he had a balanced and tranquil personality and a low ego. She thought he would make a good Finance Minister. He would be able to pursue his business while serving; he just couldn’t have conflicts of interest, and he acquiesced.

      And Martina respected a woman, Danielle T., who had 16 parents, grand parents and great grand parents all of different ethnic groups and her skin was blue. And she was a popular politician on Mars. Martina wanted her to be Minister of Immigration and Foreign Affairs. And got her wish with a clone of Danielle.

      Martina also knew a woman, Ashley M. who was in the UW (United Worlds) Defence Department who was and advocate of UW intervention in all conflicts and Martina wanted her to build up a MRT spy network to vet all tourists and immigrants and keep an eye on all the residents of the Martian Utopia. I said, “Spies will likely save the Worlds from Armageddon. However evil dictators could use MRT to drive the good people mad and decide to kill them off.” Martina said, “The UW must overthrow evil dictators who commit crimes against humanity. The vast majority of nations support such a policy.” Ashley sent her a clone of herself.

     In addition, Martina had a friend, Ben, who was a very rich computer hacker who was used by various financial institutions to make them safe from malign hackers. She wanted him to send a clone to be Minister of AI. And Martina wanted him to make sure there were no androids or holograms in the colony and Supercomputers wouldn’t be able to think. And humans would do all the jobs in which intelligence was required. But this was going against the trend on Earth in which android love dolls were taking over and millions of people had their own hologram World to entertain and amuse them. Martina said as long as the UW protects us from unwanted AI would-be usurpers our colony would remain solvent and stable. Many refugee intellectuals will come to the colony to get away from AI. And Ben sent Martina a clone of himself.

      Also, Martina envisioned Bob B. as Minister of Revenue. His job was to keep taxes to a minimum. Tourists and Immigration fees would bring income to the government and trading products produced on Mars. And Bob graciously sent a clone of himself.

      And for Minister of Health and Mental Health she wanted to nominate Bill F., who she felt was a rock of sanity and had himself invented mental health apps for people to take that were quite effective. Bill generously sent a clone of himself.

     As Minister of Food and Drink, Martina appointed a farmer, Eddie G., who grew hydroponic plants and stem cell meats for the European Federation. Europe resisted food automation that was used in most other countries. And Eddie came in person to Mars take up the post.

      And she told me, “You would be my Vice President. And she said, “You are clever, and kind and I feel we are true soul mates.”

     So, it took us just one year to build up the colony and we were surprized how successful it was. And hundreds of millions of people on Earth wanted to come here. And many wanted to make our new city, “The Martian Dream City,” the new Capital of the UW! And we attracted the best dreamers from Earth, and we made a lot of money selling dreams and ideas. And we made a lot of movies. So, it was the entertainment center for humanity. 

     It was a bold new city, and humans had never seen anything like this city.

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