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By: Alan Berger

My father
Never wanted children
That was plain to see
I couldn’t blame him
But I never blamed me

I’ll even take it further
My friends had fathers
I noticed them after school
I think I wanted one too

They would laugh together
And actually spoke
Not just about the weather
I kept alive some hope


He died at 45 and did in the ambulance say goodbye
I even tried to cry

Of course

I would have preferred he stay alive
And not die
The way he did

I am 73 now
And well hid
I can look back
And think back
Of my father
I can now call him
My kid

A man
Of few words
And I heard
Less than those
Sometimes father and son relationships

Well, that’s how it goes

I hope
He made it ok
Though the Pearly Gates
And if it’s ok with you
I can wait

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