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By William T. Hathaway

Humanity has entered a new era, the culmination of a gradual shift of power from negative to positive that has been going on since the 1960s. This intensified into crisis three years ago and is now climaxing as the darkness makes a frantic last stand against the oncoming light. The negative forces are assailing us with war, disease, governmental oppression, economic savagery, environmental catastrophes – truly a time of torture.

We began to exit this purgatory with the five new moons from November to March leading up to the entrance of the transformational planet Pluto into transformational sign Aquarius on March 23. This will reach completion on the new moon at the end of Aries on April 20.

Pluto retrogrades back into the conservative sign Capricorn for two periods of several months each until it settles in Aquarius in November 2024 until 2044. These retrogrades will be times of revanche, as the old guard seeks to roll back change. We will have to unite in active struggle to hold on to our new freedoms and possibilities.

Although the final victory will be ours, much negativity in our collective consciousness and in the centers of power will have to be purged. How this will manifest in the political, economic and social realms is unclear. A series of clashes may be necessary to establish the new order.

Pluto entering a new sign can cause chaos. When it entered Capricorn in 2008 the banking system fell apart. Something similar seems to be happening now. The last time it entered Aquarius was the start of the French Revolution. Our ancien régime is also wobbly and ripe for collapse. We can expect tumult.

The eventual outcome, though, will be positive. Aquarius represents fundamental change on the social and personal levels and the actualization of ideals such as equality, justice and universal love. It emphasizes community, connectivity and communication.

This is an excellent time to make changes in our lives that we’ve been wanting but haven’t been able to achieve. The influx of higher-consciousness energy will support our efforts.

We are now at the dawn of a new era. The full sunshine, though, won’t be until the children born between now and 2044 take power in society. These children will be a treasure to humanity. So please get busy and have lots of them!

During this time of transition we need stability. It is very important to stay anchored in our higher Self. We can achieve this by regular meditation and also by direct contact with Shiva, the deity of transformation, his partner Durga, the powerhouse of positive energy, and their child Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. Together they are a divine shield and source of strength and can enrich our lives in many ways. The website Meet Shiva,, will show you how to enliven them within you, all for free.


William T. Hathaway’s books won him a Rinehart Foundation Award and a Fulbright professorship in creative writing. His peace novel, Summer Snow, is the story of an American warrior falling in love with a Sufi Muslim and learning from her that higher consciousness is more effective than violence. Chapters are posted free at

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