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‘Prayers’ and other poems

By John RC Potter


Prayer 1:
“Your love will keep me safe.”
I say these words on those days
as the airplane leaves the ground
and yet again when it sets down;
they are my refrain and my belief
thus, no fear is to be found,
since you are with me always.

Prayer 2:
“Allah, protect her now, always and forever;
if You must take someone, take me,
not my little buddy,
I love her so.”


The Devil at 4 O’clock

At Home. Deep asleep. At Peace. Tick Tock…
A new day will dawn as before. Wait!
Life will start its daily routine. Stop!
It is the devil at 4 o’clock…

Souls lost but rising above unseen…
Those still alive wait to know their fate.
Under the rubble, beneath the ruin.
The world wondering what it must mean…

Say it’s the devil in his disguise…
Call it a disaster if you must.
Pray to the heavens and gods above.
Truth can be found amidst many lies…

Give the living and the dead their peace.
Bring them light and from their pain surcease.

Though it was them.
It could be you.



John RC Potter is an international educator originally from Canada, but who is living in Istanbul.  His poems and stories have been published in the following: Fiction on the Web, The Globe Review, Fragmented Voices, The Write Launch, Literary Yard, Down in the Dirt, Bosphorus Review of Books, The National Library of Poetry, Jabberwocky. Upcoming stories will be published in Blank Spaces, Plenitude Magazine, and The Stray Branch. He was a recent quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Short Story Competition with his entry, ‘She Got What She Deserved’. John is currently working on a novel-in-progress set in WWI-era Canada, ‘Blood from a Stone’. 


  1. The poems are beautifully written, straight from the heart, just like all of John’s writings. His short stories kept me wanting more. Keep writing!!

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