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‘Mouse safe by laptop’ and other haikus

By: Vanaja Malathy

Mouse safe by laptop
Till touchscreen trashed it down
Robots too extinct.

No doctrines, prophets
way of life, belief in soul
That is Hinduism.

Enter world in pain
Live attached in illusion
Exit detached, calm.

Enter world egoful
Exit world anonymous
Life, an empty dream.

Knowing Known restful
knowing Unknown is unrest
an awakening!

Life is an exercise
of rope walking, a slip down
to an abyss, serene.

Born pure as a child
World corrupts you impure, evil
Reach God pure as child.

Sea storms clean the shells
Sorrows in life are like storms
Come to cleanse our soul.

Heaven my father, earth mother
animals brethren , sistren
Why kill them and eat?

Turtle hard outside
Soft within so also the
Forthright harsh but true.

I am in Maya
Monks too live in world unreal
But they look beyond.

Raise hand not to rule
Join the other to submit
In Prayer to God.

Fame is like a shell
chip it off for the kernel,
Rank hides the true you.

Grow a beard of style
An idea to save on a razor
Clean shave neither in vogue


Writing has been a passion for Vanaja Malathy. Nothing has been so elating and exciting than to see her work in print. Thankful to the journals which gave her the confidence and enthusiasm to continue to write. Literary Yard had brought such pride in her several times. 

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