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‘Fun Hoover’ and other poems

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg

Fun Hoover

Sucking up all fun ain’t no man’s idea of party brio.
Much better to hent joy on occasions than endeavor
Ententes with miserable others.

Abstruse behaviors aside, grunting, frowning, snarling, mostly
Amounts to otiose conducts. Instead, lend effort to auspicating
Musical interludes, sunny moments.

Among friends, in the least, verbal fleams remain unwelcome,
Florid grumbling’s no favored guest among partiers, plus most
Agnates prefer drugs.

The ne plus ultra of social achievements remains the smile.
Alternatives conveyances linger nearby utility’s periphery;
Groaning’s overrated.



Oft, ill-assorted collections tend not so much to enhance function
As to confound shibboleths. Embracing nonstandard metatheories
Might provide rescue from double binds, but concurrently tenders
Confusing transcendental nexes.

Magical, seemingly sacred, unreachable references, while buried
In mundanities, otherwise point to commonplaces, twee notions,
Can remain arcane as long as personal and shared anecdotes skip
The relationship twix exchanges and world building.

Similar to etesians, linguistic swells cull metaphysical questions;
Normative one challenge obligations, axiological ones challenge
Values, aretaic ones challenge morals. Accordingly, explanations
Of “virtue” vary among situations.

Rarely do evidenced-based findings (vs. nonhierarchical means),
Such as compromise, intuition, autistic expression, make-believe,
Prayer, provide expansive courses for determining Truth. “New”
Foundations benefit us with complementary insights.

Better to embrace humble apportioning, to roll eyes at automated
Job applications, be blessed with many generations of progenies,
Forever constitute audiences to expressions about us and places
From whence we’ve come.

Maybe, decedents won’t roll over in graves. Perhaps, quorums will
Operate businesses without the requisite numbers present. Possibly,
“Rhetorical accountability” will comprise institutes’ answerability,
Plus leaders and followers’ responsibility.

Exploring other cultures’ ways of doing & being ceases “esteemed”
Citizens’ toy count, references great commitment to preserving life.
“Worth” doesn’t have to take meaning from virtual social standing.
Rather, we can prize effective interactions.


Many Accomplishments

Many accomplishments seem like social aperients; they
Crenellate against pusillanimous associates who care
Little for any ego investments.

Nonetheless, it’s often noobs who risk innovative means
Of applying pawls to cogwheels, who utilize common
Materials in extraordinary manners.

Whenever we think to criticize such folks, it’s better we
Laud them for upholding the best bits of social bounds
(We hoity-toity reman too busy with our mirrors.)

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