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‘Tonight Let Us Play Together’ and other poems

By: Puneet Kumar

Tonight Let Us Play Together

Tonight let us play together
A game that has no rules
Just two of us will play
See how long we can play

We both have to be careful
Keep each other’s interest alive
Not let this game be boring
Dragging on or dropped suddenly

This way we can play longer
Game will not lose its excitement
We will not even think to wink
Even for a second in the whole night

Trust me! I am fully ready
Energized and excited
Many butterflies are flying inside my belly
And I can’t wait any longer to start

Do whatever you like to do
You are like a king to me
I will love to be your slave
And love doing all you ask

But I can give you a fair chance
You can choose your mastery
Or accept your slavery
It is all up to you now

Once you have made a choice
And the game is on
It’ll not stop anywhere in the middle
You have to play your role

You have to stay attentive and awake
Literally be involved in the game
Feel all the wildest sensation
And participate wildly as an ace player

Tonight let us play this game
You know I’m always ready for you
Once you get the taste for this game
You will beg to play it every night

After All I Am All For You

I am eating an ice-cream cone
Slowly as if I am not in hurry
I know it can melt soon
But trust me I know how to eat

I don’t need any spoon
I have my tongue to lick
I have my lips to use
I have its best taste to feel

I know it is very teasing
And chilling to feel
You can no longer bear
To see me eating this alone

This cone is in my hand
I can take it all in my mouth
But I want to eat it slowly
Bite by bite to taste it best

I can smile at your frustration
And the combination of anticipation
I know you are dying slowly in jealousy
Thinking all wild and free inside your head

Let me help you in my own ways
Just drop off slowly in bed and relax
Everything I am doing is for you
After all I am all for you

I Can’t See You So Weary

Sorry honey! But it is true
I can’t see you so weary
And exhausted like this
In any given morning

You are so special for me
And for my own pleasure
I can’t think to ignore you
Even for a second

Just let me kiss you
In a way that you will forget
All your worries
And feel connected with me only

This will be a good way
To feel relaxed and loved
You will close your eyes
And I will kiss them gently

This way you will feel me
And I will feel you
Our feelings will soon help us
To feel each other more

Your mind will soon be
Like fresh air
And your body like the ocean waves
All like to come at me

Trust me! You don’t look good
In your grim weary face
Come to me
And let me kiss you

I know We Are Not Together

I know we are not together
And you are waiting for me
To come and kiss you
To give you a fresh start

I know this is a long time
You have not eaten anything
Like you always like to eat
And feel satisfied deep within

You don’t need to worry
I am hungry too like you
Or probably more than you
That I can eat everything

I am just controlling all within me
Don’t judge me from my silence
I am feeling tearing hard within
And I can’t control myself any longer

All I need is just a corner
Just you and me and nothing else
So we can have the finest fruit
Feel satisfied and satiated

While Holding These Ice Cubes

You will say my mind is dirty
But seriously I love this
And you will love when you know

You will definitely smile
You will feel excited
And like to think all that I want

Do you know what I have?
In my hand and in my mind
I bet you can never guess

In the morning I felt to clean
The refrigerator and I get
These wonderful ice cubes

My mind gets a sudden spark
I feel a great fondness for you
Now you truly can guess me what

I am smiling while standing
In the kitchen with these ice cubes
Feeling its chill all over my hands

How beautiful! It would be
If you were with me now
We could have shared the same chill

You must have screamed
And I would have enjoyed
Finally, we must have another plan

Interestingly, you must have put it
Over my neck, lips and forehead
And started licking me at everywhere

Thrill and excitement finally
Turned into a serious play
And we could have felt the fire

These ice cubes have fuel
We must have started burning
And last until all the ice turned into water

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