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I wanted to try on the pain

By: Melissa Aaronberg

I wanted to try on the pain
To see if grief would constrict me like a corset
Or settle upon me like fine dust.
I will borrow the tears like wedding pearls
And hover around that dark shore
But not too deep that I need to dry.
This is my dress rehearsal for your death.
I am a ghost too, gliding between the worlds
Of sorrow and the living.
Today will be a bad day.
You’re still here with me and
I already mourn you.


Melissa Aaronberg is a historian, librarian, and author.


  1. This Poem was written by our Daughter whom we are very proud of all Her achievements. I too write Poetry when the mood strikes. I use ABA Rhyme. My Prose is in no way as good as this Poem.

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