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‘My Tongue’ and other poems

By: Puneet Kumar

My Tongue

My tongue has
Its own mind
It knows well
Where it wants to go

I need not to worry
In which corner
Or in the sides
It wants to explore

I just let it do
All that it wants
And the way it tries
To move around

Sometime it truly works
Amazing and fills
With utmost sensations
And makes him beg for more

I truly don’t know
What it does
What it thinks
What runs in its head

I think it speaks something
but I am not sure
About its language
And the way it conveys

My man stands straight
Like a flagpole
And experience miracle
As it goes in delicious ways

Whenever I See

Whenever I see
I feel everything
So much so strongly
That I can’t stop myself

There is something
In that very moment
That I feel drawn

I see him only
His face, lips and smile
In a such a way
As everything seems inviting

I feel to go closer and closer
Hold his face in my hand
Kiss his lips long
And close my eyes

I don’t know
What next I can do
Probably I want to leave
Everything for him

A Pool of Pleasure

Whenever we are together
There is always
A pool of pleasure

We love to jump
Into this pool
For fun

This pool has much water
Where we can swim
Play and scream in full joy

Here we both can get wet
Feel each other
And swim long together

It is fun to go down
Hold our breath
Come up and repeat

It is exciting
To repeat
And play again long

This pool is clean
Just for us
To jump

We feel trusty
Whenever we are here
Without any boundaries

We lick,
We taste
We drink

We do all
It takes us
To do for fun

We become animals
Like in a forest
To drink

But we never feel
And we long for more

This is our private
Pool of pleasure
Where we swim daily happily

Behind This Front Door

Behind this door
My world of dark fantasies resides
Where I am a princess
And you are my prisoner

I can put any demand before you
Ask any naughty question
Make any dirty move
But you are to appreciate with smile

You are like my slave
You are to obey
What I ask you to do
Just follow my commands

You are a stallion for me
I can ride over you
Longer than you can think
Make you feel consumed and exhausted

You are precious for me
To run my kingdom
Of my finest dark fantasies
To feel my extreme joy of making-love

I just can’t afford to lose you
You are a gift from the heaven
God has put you in my life
To fulfill all my carnal desires

You are my heaven
Where all my belly butterflies fly
Smoldering heats burns my body
And I tremble with joy

I feel like a princess
Behind this door
Although it is just a fantasy
I have like any usual wife

Come Tonight

Come tonight! It is a very cold night
Inside there is a warm fire
We can sleep well
And have our great time

Trust me! I always hold with me
All the articles and objects
That you crave to see
And want to feel

I know when
What and how much
You can beg to feel
And how well I need to supply

I know all about you
The way you assume
The best you imagine
And how you like to assess

I take care of all your pleasures
I know how to allow
Your mind over my body
And then let you come to me

I was good at the beginning
When our marriage was new
Your adrenaline was pumped
And you wanted all from me at once

I still hold the same spice
The same charm and charisma
You can explore all in between
The endless possibilities of my love

Come tonight, I can’t wait
To teach you something new
Something spicier than you can think
Something that is left to try between us

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