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‘Songs of Suicide’ review published by the Hooghly Review

By Onkar Sharma

I am deeply humbled and grateful for the heartfelt review of my poetry collection, “Songs of Suicide,” written by John Potter in the esteemed Hooghly Review. Addressing the sensitive and poignant themes of suicide and depression, I embarked on this creative journey to shed light on the emotional struggles faced by countless individuals in our society.

John RC Potter‘s eloquent words aptly capture the essence of the collection, recognizing the intertwined themes of love, longing, and despair. I am truly grateful for the profound connections that my poetry has forged with readers, as it tackles a subject that society often finds difficult to discuss. While it may be challenging to confront the realities of suicide and mental illness, I firmly believe that openness and empathy can pave the way for healing and understanding.

Thank you to the Hooghly Review and John RC Potter for believing in my poetry


  1. Dear Onkar:
    It is indeed gratifying to me that you are pleased with my review of your moving and poignant collection of poems. They deserve to be read by others, and I hope the review serves that purpose.
    In authorial kinship,

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