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By: KJ Hannah Greenberg

To Gank

In international forums, “thievery’s” not defined by lovely scapes or glistening gels.
“Honesty’s” separated from “fraudulence” by reticulating deeds and feckless words.
Agonal breathing’s never evidenced lagabouts, idlers, shiftless souls as “worthless.”
At times, folks may be possessed of bonhomie—they “exemplify” limited geniality.

Note: autodidacts seldom involve intellectual splines to resolve meaning or motive.
Their brains’ chatelaines incorporate all manner of attributes of “sound” citizenship
When gauging whether communication is compiled, collected; created, made anew,
Otherwise arrived at. Some texts might not achieve aureoles attributed to humanity.

We ought to articulate philosophical scepticism via media as well as via scholarship.
Discussing a rhetorical strategy’s ends involves relating that strategy to experiences
Whilat improving audiences’ abilities to respond to balderdash as well as substance.
Hendiadys, like “free and independent,” or “nice and warm” betray uttered rapports.

We value assessing not just particles but also designs apropos interactions’ origins.
Analysis is pursued for various sorts of socially culled polyzygotic aims including
Becoming political scurf, partaking in governance, likewise enforcing biased laws.
Such mendacious goings-on ordinarily result in poor outcomes; compassion’s rare.

After all, outsiders ought not to give rede to other nations, whether in war or peace.
Linguistic forms’ roles remain distinct from electronic media’s, normally, although
Persons who dress/act modestly protest. Lifetimes’ of experience replenish nothing
(Populations transform during life phases if not stifled by fresh moral degeneracy.)

Not only do many types of tension between nomos and physis-based ethics ensue;
There are few accepted alternatives that simultaneously welcome bosses’ designs.
The standards of worldly partiality, exotic trade routes, emerging regimes, as well
As evolving literacy, incorporate organizations by “dedicating” reward to minions.

Sham Culture

Contingency, too often, creates a measure of bearability for lowborn populations.
Acordingly, corruption becomes our “psychic misalignment,” not a criminal offense.
Our populaces call for re-acculturation, not punishment (despite growing recidivism).

Nonetheless, peoples’ disparate rhetorical skills cause ill ends; the masses’ “vices,”
Ultimately, overcome the “good” of “superior” persons. Practical ethics don’t extend
Beyond mundane goings-on. We disregard humanizing lifestyle instead of philosophy.

Not holding something’s purported purpose means suffering infamy rather than acting
Shamefully. Equally, in such rotations, legal system alteration, don’t renounce depravity
Spins collectives, and circle rulers’ “wisdom,” guardians’ “courage,” also serfs’ “respect.”

Our moral paradoxes contribute to the general, confused understandings of “goodness.”
In the end, character traits, not proffered positions, anchor individual courses. No social
Contract ever aided most classes in rising beyond the pomaces fed to them by privileged.

Moral Equivalency

The problem inherent in not calling out evil
Blossoms near, repeatedly. The sages among us,
As paid consultants or volunteers, sometimes, forgo
Seeking help though corporations pay handsomely for
Omissions brutalizing entire assemblages, large publics.

Justice oughtn’t require anger to fuel sane outcomes
Even when other metatheoretical nonuniversalities fail
To acknowledge mentalities begotten by missing wisdom,
Modern academic “smarts,” else the separation of political
History and social change; shared responsibility isn’t tricky.

Ideas’ independence versus philosophy’s narration
Makes for constraints on classification systems, also
Necessitates effective, normative pluralism for assorted
Folks. Given Cartesian referents’ exclusivity, certain tactics
Only function artificially—stupidity breeds boneheadedness.

Without information about culture, when plainly deprived
Of context clues in which vital phrases are embedded, most
Orientations offer inadequate, perhaps inaccurate, meanings.
Dichotomous thinking remains tethered by fears of epistemic
Entropy. Too regularly, we’re stymied when trying to grip truth.

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