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‘The Junction of Wisdom and Words’ and other poems

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg

The Junction of Wisdom and Words

Given crucial, cultural states of affairs, moppets acquire inadequate guidance on
Providing vocabulary suitable to denote their desires for dolls, trucks, lollies, etc.
Big people oft ignore all utilitarian similitude, including kids’ appeal spectrums,
Enjoyable moments—extraordinary alliances seeming to be just “youths’ realm.”
Considering blueprints of symbolic/emotional references stymie sundry parents,
Continuously, soothsayers dressed as teenager advisors, grammar school marms,
Soccer coaches, personify universals for departing from recurring circumstances;
The transformation of routine processes benefits no publicized triumphs/trophies.
Every time collective designation, obligatory or selected, disparages minions who
Deign to express moral philosophy, question prescriptive codification of integrity,
Offer substitutes for cultural decency (descriptive projects for conveying virtues),
Plus, new ways of regarding justice, pointing out “ethics” waxes metatheoretical.

Not every progeny can be a pitcher, but all can swing bats, offset lecture queries.
Building blocks of consequence scaffold a conjecture that every citizen can split
Group perceptions, create required tensions. Parleying the limits of mixing staid
Viewpoints with significant constructs is not quotidian; it comes close to veracity.
Contributions to intolerance, interactive nonaffinity, or reliance upon dogmatism,
Rot. Like inputs damage contemporary methods of sanctioning discourse, search
Modern-day accords for endorsing communication, else generate union potholes.
Largely, traditions influence the styles in which we opine; they transform worlds.
Count how war, trade, literacy, the formation of new societies usually bears upon
Conceptualizations of fidelity, liberty, rights, though discounts contentious banter
As less than banal, having zero service, being harmful to the empowered. Usually,
Divisions amidst “motivated” and “arbitrary” semantics builds barriers, not nodes.

Because of group rules for behaviors, for regularly shared tasks for enacting them,
Most stimuli function within surrounding patterns, are constrained from restoring
The mediated height of idea exchange. We profit by observing which emmeshed,
Current, prevalent effects of mystification & exclusive language usage disturb us.
Additionally, consubstantiality, inclusive means of collaborating, plus the upshot
Of pragmatic plans, merge our identifications with our experiences, embolden us
To act more ecumenically, to gradually legitimize private with public paradigms,
To recognize fewer boorish, controvertible prototypes, operate “outside the box.”
When daunted by such musings on fact/value distinctions rather than remaining
Open to other a priori arguments, our interface enigmas aren’t readily resolved.
We must examine consensus amid discordant, upright habits, argue, as possible,
The concurrence of expansive practices of principles, proffer obfuscated reason.

W e e T h r u m

Little whiskers, your continuous humming sound,
Whether in basement or garret, proves stolid your

Too frequently, contrariwise, associates’ social
Endogamy spells out lonely moments, else the
Worst separation.

Your furry back, nonetheless, makes reliable
Rapport between my mind & your exquisite

Notice, persnickety humans mistake glitter,
Else glam for parasocial connections, even

At least, your bops, your swishy tail show
Affection. Your slow blinks, too, disclose
Feline love.

It’s not pareidolia, rather cross species’
Empathy coloring sunlit allocations as

Not in Our Discrete Minds

Bizarre realizations don’t occur exclusively in discrete minds.
Rather, unconcealed hierarchies produce rhetors’ expositions.
An intrepid language of modifying makes available semantic
Plans for linguistic ploys (oft exploited by au fait characters-
They protest all institutionalization of professional integrity.)

Insider defalcation oughtn’t to upset organizations tumescent
With political zoon known for misappropriating experiences.
The limited rewards inherent in maintaining exploratory talk,
All manner of outlandish words & images, uphold silence as
Problematic, properly unblemished consumer accountability.

No pleiad nor hoary counsel manages to effectively surface
Sagacity, call out our need for humane routes, the appeal to
Stop adulating or mocking sufferers among us. Henceforth,
Notwithstanding varied guardians’ conflicting philosophies,
Concerns replicate scholarly individuals’ proficient opacity.

Denial carries weight as it indicates why we don’t challenge
“Popular” perceptions. Academic credentialing buffers rows.
Unequivocally, dithyrambs and related half-baked coercions
Celebrated by netizens, fill no cognitive trugs, else aide nerf
Folks when jabronis’ discourse bares formative indulgences.

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