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‘Refuge’ a poem by James Aitchison

By: James Aitchison

Take refuge in the eternal.
It is not complex.
Ignore the world around you;
it is not your time and place,
it is impermanent.
I am the eternal voice
that speaks to all men,
in every one of their stages.
You have been given a physical shell
to house the inner being which is you.
You are an extension of me,
the wheel that spins your destiny,
and if you listen,
in the deepest silence,
I will give you refuge.


James Aitchison, better known by his pen name of James Lee, has been gaining popularity with his book series titled Mr. Midnight. First published in Singapore during the mid to late 1990s and with over one hundred different volumes released since then, the best-selling children’s horror novels have been translated into other languages like traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, and Burmese. James has also penned Cutting Edge Advertising.

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