Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By Karen Lee Stradford

It’s just an ordinary day
of chores.
I can’t say that I’m bored
but would like to do
something exciting.

The supermarket is my first stop,
crowded aisles,
so I push through self-checkout.
Solicitors wait for me as I exit.

With less than half a tank,
I pull up to the pump,
where I fill up

I get excited about my final stop.
As a child, who would sit in the backseat
while the wipers and sponges
brush by.
I always felt like I was in a
virtual waterpark.

I look through the glass
at the car wash
and remember the good old days
as I watch my Trax glide past,
mesmerized by the disciplined machines.

My day isn’t so dull, after all.
I’m able to enjoy
my biggest

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