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By: Michael Craig


No diamond in the rough.
This woman so exquisitely cut.
Set within her, a heart of gold.
One that tarnish shall never dull.
A beauty so very desired,
even artists are inspired.
So stunning, an impact,
never before seen or heard.
When painted on canvas,
or in poetic words.
The ticking hands of time,
simply unwind.
With a glimpse of her smile,
Missed for such a long while.
Rare is the one possessing,
a beauty so fine.
A genuine gift from God,
this beautiful friend of mine.
Horrible Dream
When a kiss puts out the sun,
nothing left but the so-called fun.
I want to run, I want to hide,
I just want to die.
All the relentless nights, longing for home.
No way back, I’m always alone.
My purity gone,
I’m on my own searching,
for some kind of home.
Emotionlessly, I’m waiting for dawn.
What last night, just went on.
No one will know, no one will tell.
Is this just a living hell.
Making love fast, making love slow.
The number of people nobody really knows.
How sad it seems,
when holding hands,
and I’m alone in this her land.
I want to shout I want to scream.
What a mockery of love it does seem.
I can’t see you; you can’t see me.
No in between sought or seen.
I can’t look back. What a horrible dream.

Living Anguish

A Loss so unfair worse the life left in total despair
Silently in the night or on the busiest of days
Unrelenting this fatal pain a true love sustains
An emptiness no one can fill, the days,
since a heartbeat did still
In the depth of living anguish echo screams and cries
Unable to escape, until like you I die

Life Ever After

His physical presence is forever mourned.
With his passing, a new angel is born.
Cherished memories are love’s lasting treasures.
Held deep in our hearts forever together.
Though, no words can relieve your despair.
In heaven, take comfort, a new angel is there.
Guarding with his love. family and friends.
Until life ever after and we’re joined again
My wife, my love, my friend

Staring Into the Abyss
Slipping through the cracks feeling like a maniac.
Gather no moss this rolling stone,
seeking a place to call home.
No one lends a helping hand,
not even to a delusional man.
No lining silver can be found,
in the clouds that hang around.
Unable to anticipate one’s acceptance,
through the pearly gates.
Living on the streets in such an awful state,
an illness this does corroborate.
While waiting for life to throw a twist.
I’ll just keep staring into the abyss.


Michael Craig Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Silver State, and has seen many unusual tourists at his place of employment.  His primary job is working in the Security Department for the Bureau of Reclamation (Hoover Dam). He writes poetry, children stories and has created several board and card games

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