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‘It is Summer’ and other poems

By: Puneet Kumar 

It is Summer

It is summer
The sun is rough
I am on the street
Full of sweat

I am thirsty
I need water
I can’t find it here
I can’t bear it any longer

I see an ice-cream parlor
It is not far away
I don’t want to walk that far
But I have no option

Indeed, it is refreshing
I buy an ice-cream cone
It looks delicious
I lick it first

Can you imagine
How it tastes?
The way I hold
And how I bite

I just want to say
I am missing you
Use this for your advantage
Come for me here soon

When You Come Home

When you come home
In a bad mood
I just get no clue
How to proceed

I try to show you
Some extra care
Wait to move ahead
In spicing things up

I just try to give you space
And I hold my pace
It definitely signals you
That I have something in my head

I know I have done my part
I have lit the fire
And now I am to wait
Soon things will enflame

Now my part is just to listen
Without disturbing you
Soon you will duster
All your bad mood

A smile comes on my face
It tickles you the best
As you can read my mind
You come nearer to me

I felt I catch fire from within
My breath goes faster
My body stands still
My throat gets dry

I know you can read all
As if all inscribe
On my face
And eyes

You are now
Ready to make love

When You Are Angry

When you are angry
And about to scream
I really like to oblige you
In the best ways I can

Probably you might
Not like it first
But it is the best
Way to calm you down

Let me hug you
Let me tell you
I love you
And everything is fine

This gives you
All that you require
And you feel to stop
Before getting angry

It is a magic word
It works
It calms you
You feel better

You need it always
It changes your mood
It pacifies you sooner
It makes us feel together

To Feel Spoiled

I know it is good
To feel spoiled
After marrying
A woman like me

I can do this
With an ace
And you can feel
Always obliged

Okay! Okay!
No need to tell me
Just be in bed
And rest some more

Today is a weekend
You can rest some more
But please don’t mind
Everything comes at a price

I have done
The laundry
The kitchen work
And now I also want to rest

Oh honey!
You know
What I mean
And what it means to you

Nothing much
Just rest by you
Breathe your breath
And feel your skin

Nothing like
We normally always do
Still I can’t say in advance
Things can’t go as planned

Never mind just relax
Be with me
For some more
And this more is never enough

Your Eyes Unexpectedly

Your eyes unexpectedly
Turn wherever I move
Truly it is your way
To look at me

I don’t need to guess
What you like to see
What turns your face?
What naughty things do you think?

Never mind! I like it
The way you love me
The way you entice
And feel to conquer me

I am yours
Arrested with you
This life and in another
Just continue the way you feel

I am always around you
Carrying your love in my heart
Helping you to see me
And feel excited all the time

My smile is my affirmation
It is a clear message
I am reading your intention
And feeling excited too

We just need a free time
A closed space
A quiet moment
And then all is set to go naughty

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