Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Don Kingfisher Campbell

Instant Crush

in your shoes
on a sidewalk

take your sandal
in your hand and smash
a spider perched
on a tiled shower wall

walk into
a car crusher
and sit

fly a helicopter
or plane at
full speed into a hillside
or tall building

climb into
an uncertified submersible
and descend to
10,000 feet

Huntington Meridian

Bushy trees like
giant broccoli

Pointed tall
pines undermatched
across the street
by church steeple

Towering palms
on side of road
sway like pom poms
over elementary school
on opposite side

Simile City

A family of red roses
Cluster together
Like a solar array

A pair of parrots
Screech overhead
Like pod racers

Two honking cars
Pass in parking lot
Like dogs barking

Air conditioners
Hang out windows
Like bored citizens

A couple walk their
Pooch on the sidewalk
Vanish like settlers


because I saw a bright glow coming
from between the window blinds
I stepped out of my rented house

looked to the sky and envisioned
brilliant yellow ragged rams horns
of lit up cloud formations arresting

like two raised arms over the Earth
below they widened until they were
spread out like crab claws dining on

welkin crustacean an orange ocean
skirting the tree lined silhouette
horizon which led my eyes westward

to unseen millions of unknown souls
who no doubt if they were outside
took mental notes or cell phone

photos to share with the ephemeral
moving feed of creation itself
switched on not just for hue man


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