Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Bruce Levine

Cool crisp autumn air
Invigorating the soul
Nature’s golden days

Glories yet unknown
Hidden in happy moments
Fall retains its joy

Cooler days surround
Now emptying the remnants
Of life’s lethargy

Lovely clothes of fall
Awakening the mem’ries
Happy times ahead

Summer winds recede
Time for fall to take over
Glory days ahead

Crystalline blue skies
The first cool days of autumn
Time to meditate

Photo perfect clouds
Drifting in the atmosphere
Painting sky pictures

Riverbeds alive
Brook-fed streams to rivers flow
Pathways to the sea

Brook trout jumping high
Mallard ducks go swimming on
Rivers filled with life

Leaves starting to change
Another fall beginning
Cooler days ahead

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