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By Tabussum Sumaiya

An intimidated girl once became a Wolf
Losin’ her soul into oblivious damnation
Indiscreetly the ferocious pursuing the moon
Forgetting the shine might be a deception!

Radiance that was irresistible for heart
Enchanting was that dazzling light
Little did the Wolf know tricky art,
Sooner her eyes gonna blind of the bright!

Once the light that hypnotized her soul
Eyes that used to see her with love
Burnt red heart into dark black coal 
Scowled at her and choked the laugh!

Words once poured nectar into the ears
Now turned bitter to poor soul
Silence that was understood so perfect
Words that messed it up all!

Soothing glare once calmed the restless
Who knew the moon hadn’t own bright 
Now making a turbulent mind
Pawned was all his frowning pride!

The wolf left with nothing behind
Like the mole of the burning moon
Scares that kept her to remind
Obliterating all marks is a blissful boon!


The poet is a lecturer of English at Northern University Bangladesh.

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