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By: Jinmo Koo

It was a typical Monday afternoon and I was at the golf course with 3 of my friends. That day, we were unsure whether or not to play as we thought it would rain. We decided to play the first 9 holes to see if the good weather would persist. We played normal golf until the fourth hole, but it started to rain so we decided it would be our last hole. We quickly finished the fourth hole, but I felt a sudden and urgent urge to play 3 more holes as my favorite hole was the 7th. All my friends left me and there I was, alone playing the fifth hole.

The fifth hole was nothing special, it was a typical par 4 with a narrow fairway, almost identical to the sixth. But what I was really excited for was the 7th; it was a beautiful par 3 and unlike any other par 4 or 5 it held a chance of a hole in one. This particular hole was a great challenge, with an elevated green situated 180 yards away. Striking the ball with too much force or too little confidence would risk an unfortunate outcome—either it would roll off the green’s surface or rebound back from it. To truly conquer this hole, one had to delicately land the ball on the green, ensuring it remained steady without rolling away. Adding to the pressure were the lines of trees flanking both ends, a constant reminder that even the slightest push or hook could lead to a lost ball.

Just like any other hole, I leaned my phone against my golf bag to record my swing so that I could analyze any flaws in my swing on the way to find my ball. My routine was the usual, 2 practice swings and a step back to get an accurate aim at the hole. As I stood over the ball I felt confident for once, without my friends I felt like I could fully focus. With the raindrops lightly tapping on my golf cap, I took a deep breath, steadying myself for the shot ahead. The misty air seemed to heighten the anticipation and excitement building within me. With a smooth backswing and a controlled follow-through, I struck the ball cleanly, watching it soar through the air.

My heart raced in my chest, and a surge of adrenaline coursed through my veins. The golf gods must have been smiling upon me that day because, to my utter astonishment, the ball descended towards the green with unwavering accuracy. A sense of disbelief washed over me as I watched it bounce once, twice, and then, in a moment of sheer perfection, disappear into the cup. I was stunned; the chances of hitting a hole in one is 1/25,000, yet I had just hit one 6 months into starting the sport.

In a rush of excitement, I sprinted towards the seventh hole, my feet barely touching the ground. With each step, my elation swelled, propelling me forward as if I were a fighter jet. I reached the clubhouse in record time, bursting through the doors. Without hesitation, I made my way to the refreshment counter and purchased a round of sodas for my friends. I wanted to share this triumphant moment with those closest to me. The look of surprise and confusion on their faces quickly turned to admiration as I proudly declared, “I got a hole in one!” I went and grabbed my phone out of my pocket, eager to show them the video. After numerous replays, re-watches, and zooms-ins, they all finally believed me.

That night when I closed my eyes I could still feel the club in my hand as if I had just hit the ball. I knew from then on, March 6th, 2023 would be etched into my heart forever. The satisfaction of hitting the ball, the cheers in the club house, sharing my excitement with my friends, made it profoundly meaningful.

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